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19 July 2016

World Investment Report 2016 – UNCTAD – June 2016

The 2016 World Investment Report shows global flows of foreign direct investment rose by about 40 percent in 2015. However, this growth did not translate into an equivalent expansion in productive capacity in all countries. Regarding Africa in particular, FDI flows to Africa decreased by 7 percent in 2015. This latest World Investment Report also presents an Investment Facilitation Action Package to enhance the environment for investment in sustainable development.

One Year after its Launch: Has the Tripartite Free Trade Area Been Overtaken by Events? – TRALAC – June 2016

The Tripartite FTA (TFTA) is often referred to in publications and in statements as if already a reality, or at least imminent. The reality is that this agreement is not in force; and not even concluded in terms of all critical elements to be agreed upon. This report aims to shed light on the current status of the TFTA and where the parties to the agreement are being bogged down. The report also presents the various lessons to be learned from the TFTA experience, including that the agreement may turn out to be a stumbling block, rather than a building block for the CFTA.

Trade in Transforming Our World: Options for Follow-up and Review of the Trade-related Elements of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – ICTSD – June 2016

Trade and trade policy are central to transforming our world, the objective of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This paper details how progress towards the trade-related commitments in the 2030 Agenda could be reviewed over the next 15 years. It identifies six clusters of trade-related elements in the agenda and, for each cluster, it identifies options for indicators.

Evaluating Nairobi: What Does the Outcome Mean for Trade in Food and Farm Goods? – ICTSD – June 2016

This compilation of short pieces intends to provide policy-makers, negotiators, and other stakeholders with an impartial, evidence-based analysis of the potential trade, food security, and rural development implications of the agriculture outcomes of the WTO’s Nairobi ministerial conference and to help them situate these in the longer-term systemic context.

Economic Report on Africa 2016: Greening Africa’s Industrialization – UNECA – April 2016

Structural transformation in Africa’s economies remains the highest priority, and industrialization is the top strategy for achieving it in practice. This report underlines that as a latecomer, Africa must seize the opportunity to adopt alternative economic pathways to industrialization. It also notes that dispelling the myths currently surrounding green growth will promote the re-shaping of Africa’s economic growth in favour of sustainable development.

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