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13 June 2017

Options for WTO Negotiations on Agriculture Domestic Support – ICTSD – May 2017

This information note analyses various options for negotiating agricultural domestic support – one of the three pillars of WTO negotiations in the area of agriculture –, drawing on ideas that have been put forward at the WTO. It examines the implications of various approaches for countries’ actual support levels as well as for their maximum permitted ceilings under WTO rules, and looks in particular at those products that are especially important to low-income countries.

How do Trade Distortions Affect Markets for Farm Goods? – ICTSD – May 2017

This information note analyses the degree to which global markets for key agricultural products are affected by distortions resulting from government policies, with a view to helping inform the debate over updating global rules in this area in the run-up to the WTO Buenos Aires ministerial conference in 2017 and beyond. It finds that support remains concentrated on a relatively small number of products, with support for rice, maize, beef, pork and dairy being particularly important.

The 2030 Agenda and the Potential Contribution of Trade to Gender Equality – ICTSD – September 2016

This paper reviews the many inequalities in women and men’s participation in economic life and makes the important argument that improving women’s economic opportunities is a significant challenge for both developed and developing countries.  It articulates specific policy challenges facing governments that want to use international trade to support women’s empowerment as employees, entrepreneur and cross-border traders, and outlines trade policy options that could help to meet these challenges.

The Gender Dimensions of Services – ICTSD – September 2016

This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the gender-based constraints faced by women in accessing employment and business opportunities in trade in services, and the wider service sector. Additionally, the paper offers a set of policies that support equal access to the benefits of services growth for both genders, and create an inclusive policy and regulatory environment that reduces the gender-based constraints faced by women wage-workers and entrepreneurs in the services sector.

The Gender Dimensions of Global Value Chains – ICTSD – September 2016

Taking gender issues into account and addressing them is critical to harness the potential for GVCs to contribute to both sustainable economic and social goals. This paper seeks to integrate gender into the global value chain framework, to assess the gender dimensions of integration and economic and social upgrading in GVCs, and to offer GVC-related policy recommendations that support economic and social development.

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8 June 2017
The chair of the WTO agriculture negotiations, Kenyan Ambassador Stephen Karau, has suggested that farm trade talks on domestic support may need to continue beyond the organisation’s eleventh...
13 June 2017
What are the gender-based constraints faced by women in accessing employment and business opportunities in the service sector? How can governments tackle these barriers through gender-sensitive...