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5 June 2018

The Rising Potential of e-Commerce for Trade and Development in Africa – TRALAC – May 2018

This paper examines the role of electronic commerce (e-commerce) and related Information and Communication Technology services (ICTs) in the furthering of trade and development in Africa. It begins with a discussion of how ICTs can drive development through creating new, accessible models of trade. The analysis then examines readiness for business-to-consumer and business-to-business electronic trade, as well as indicators of overall Internet penetration, technology adoption, postal reliability and credit card uptake across the continent.

Key Statistics and Trends in Economic Integration: ACP Region – UNCTAD – May 2018

This report provides an in-depth analysis of ACP States' trade performance and related key issues. The first part briefly summarises the history of the ACP group and presents an overview of ACP economies in the world economy and some challenges that member States face. The second part provides illustrative statistics on ACP countries' trade in goods and services during the last decade, including various indicators of trade structure, services trade and investment flows, trade facilitation, tariffs and non-tariff measures as well as international competitiveness.

Promoting SME competitiveness in the Gambia – ITC – May 2018

This survey, conducted by ITC in collaboration with the Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA), examines youth recruitment and the occupational skills gap in the Gambia. Results reveal that young entrepreneurs fare well in information and communications technology and intellectual property. They lack basic assistance in areas such as international certification and access to finance. In addition, stronger links between the private sector and educational institutions can help to reduce the skills gap.

Fisheries Subsidies Rules at the WTO: A Compilation of Evidence and Analysis – ICTSD – April 2018

At the WTO’s Eleventh Ministerial Conference in December 2017, ministers adopted a Decision on Fisheries Subsidies directing negotiators to continue talks with a view to adopting an agreement by 2019, the year of the next ministerial conference. The ministerial decision also specifically re-commits WTO members to implementing their existing notification obligations in order to strengthen transparency of the subsidies provided to fishing. The papers in this compilation aim to respond to some of the technical and legal questions the negotiations have brought up. 

Promoting Capability Enhancing Development – ICTSD – March 2018

The WTO's Eleventh Ministerial Conference did not deliver on special and differential treatment (S&DT). Partly, this is because the debate on S&DT and policy space rests on different views on the optimal nature and scope of trade policies, and on the role of governments in promoting structural transformation. The discussions presented in this policy brief bring to light the need to acknowledge the rising call from a number of lower income developing countries to consider ways in which multilateral trade rules can best support the design of trade and trade-related policies enabling of economic transformation.  

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