23.Meeting Calendar

7 September 2009

Sep. 14-15 WTO Committee on Trade Development

Sep. 24       WTO Committtee on Agriculture

Sep. 24-25 G-20 Leaders' Meeting

Pittsburgh  www.pittsburghsummit.gov

Oct. 5-9      WTO Council for Trade in Services

Oct. 26-28 2009  Bridges China Dialogue on ‘China and  Geneva

Global Sustainable Recovery: Trade, Energy Conservation and Low Carbon Initiatives'

www.bridges-china.com (see also page 23)

Oct. 28-30 WTO Public Forum 2009:  Towards Better Global Governance

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7 September 2009
Selected Documents Circulated at the WTO Dispute Settlement. 12 August. China - Measures Affecting Trading Rights and Distribution Services for Certain Publications and Audiovisual Entertainment...
7 September 2009
The world no longer has just one indispensable nation. Along with the United States, China will be at the centre of any lasting solution to the globe's two most pressing economic concerns: recovering...