24. Resources

7 September 2009

Selected Documents Circulated at the WTO

Dispute Settlement. 12 August. China - Measures Affecting Trading Rights and Distribution Services for Certain Publications and Audiovisual Entertainment Products. Report of the Panel. (WT/DS363/R)

Dispute Settlement. 25 June 2009. China - Measures Relating to the Exportation of Various Raw Materials. Requests for Consultations by the European Communities and the United States. (WT/DS395/1 and WTO/DS394/1)

Dispute Settlement. 30 June 2009. United States - Certain Measures Affecting the Import of Poultry from China. Request for the Establishment of a Panel by China. (WT/DS392/2)

Dispute Settlement. 18 August 2009. United States - Measures Relating to Zeroing and Sunset Reviews. Compliance Report issued by the Appellate Body at the request of Japan. (WT/DS322/AB/RW)

General Council. 3 July 2009. Strengthening the WTO. Communication from India. (WT/GC/W/605)

Trade Policy Review Body. 1 July 2009. Third Report to the TPRB from the Director-General on the Financial and Economic Crisis and Trade-related Developments. (JOB(09)62)

Other Selected Resources

Fishsubsidy.org. New website launched by the Pew Environment Group and EU Transparency in June. The site aims to contribute to the reform of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy and contains detailed data on subsidies paid by the EU between 1994 and 2006.

Foxley, Alejandro. July 2009. The Economic Crisis and Middle-income Countries. Carnegie Foundation for International Peace. Washington. D.C.

Schropp, Simon. 2009. Trade Flexibility and Enforcement in the WTO: A Law and Economics Analysis. Cambridge University Press

Smaller, Carin and Mann, Howard. May 2009. A Thirst for Distant Lands: Foreign Investment in Agricultural Land and Water. International Institute for Sustainable Development. Winnipeg

UN Conference on Trade and Development. July 2009. Investment Policy Developments in G-20 Countries. UNCTAD. Geneva

UN Conference on Trade and Development.  July 2009. The Least-developed Countries Report 2009.  UNCTAD. Geneva

US Global Change Research Programme. June 2009. Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States. Cambridge University Press

World Trade Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. July 2009. Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009: Maintaining Momentum. WTO and OECD. Geneva and Paris
New Publications from ICTSD

Harmer, Toni. 2009. Biofuels Subsidies and the Law of the World Trade Organisation. Issue Paper No.20, ICTSD Programme on Agricultural Trade and Sustainable Development

Echols, Marsha A. 2009. Biofuels Certification and the Law of the World Trade Organisation. Issue Paper No.19, ICTSD Programme on Agricultural Trade and Sustainable Development

Earley, Jane. 2009 US Trade Policies on Biofuels and Sustainable Development. Issue Paper No.18. ICTSD Programme on Agricultural Trade and Sustainable Development

Swinbank, Alan. 2009. EU Support for Biofuels and Bioenergy, ‘Environmental Sustainability' Criteria, and Trade Policy. Issue Paper No.17, ICTSD Programme on Agricultural Trade and Sustainable Development

Foray, Dominique. 2009. Technology Transfer in the TRIPS Age: The Need for New Types of Partnerships between the Least-developed and Most Advanced Economies. Issue Paper No.23, ICTSD Programme on Intellectual Property Rights and Sustainable Development

Varma, Sabrina. 2009. Facilitating Temporary Labour Mobility in African Least-developed Countries: Addressing Mode 4 Supply-side Constraints. Issue Paper No.10, ICTSD Programme on Services

Crosby, Daniel. 2009. Advancing Services Export Interests of Least-developed Countries: Towards GATS Commitments on the Temporary Movement of Natural Persons for the Supply of Low-skilled and Semi-skilled Services. Issue Paper No.9, ICTSD Programme on Services

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7 September 2009
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