5 September 2000

4-10 September, New York, New York, USA: FORUM 2000: SHAPING GLOBALIZATION: CONVENING THE COMMUNITY OF STAKEHOLDERS. Hosted by the State of the World Forum, the Forum will focus on shaping globalisation in light of such themes as: social implications of globalisation, core economic productivity & sustainability, and governing globalisation. For information contact: Headquarters, State of the World Forum, The Presidio, PO Box 29434, San Francisco, California 94129, United States; tel: (1-415) 561-2345; fax: 561-2323; email: .

5 September, New York, New York, USA: 55TH SESSION OF THE UNITED NATIONS - THE MILLENNIUM ASSEMBLY. World leaders will gather from 6-8 September for the UN Millennium Summit under the theme "The Role of the United Nations in the twenty-first century". For more information visit: .

5 September, New York, New York, USA: TEACH-IN ON GLOBALIZATION AND THE ROLE OF THE UNITED NATIONS: CAN THE UN BE SAVED? For tickets call: 1- 888-629-9269 or visit the IFG web site at: .

6-10 September, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam: APEC FINANCE MINISTERS. MEETING. For more information visit: .

7-8 September, London, England: THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE DEVELOPMENT STUDIES INSTITUTE 10th ANNIVERSARY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. For information contact: Sue Redgrave, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE; tel: (0207) 955-7425/6252; fax: (0207) 955-6844;; Internet: .

7-9 September, Edinburgh, United Kingdom: LOCAL REGENERATION - DEVELOPING CAPACITY, TAKING ACTION. Organised by European Network for Economic Self-Help & Local Development. For information contact: Claire Lyddall, The Capacity Building Project, 63 Niddrie Mains Terrance, Edinburgh EH 16 4NX; tel: (44) (0) 131 661-0200; fax: 661-5826; email: .

8 September, London, England: ALISTAIR BERKELEY MEMORIAL LECTURE: LEGAL REFORM AND POVERTY REDUCTION. For information contact: Sue Redgrave, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE; tel: (44) (0) 207 955-7425/6252; fax: 955-6844; email:; Internet: .

10-17 September, Ecuador: SEMINAR ON ENERGY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN. For information contact: Francisco Figueruera; .

11 September, Geneva: WTO DISPUTE SETTLEMENT BODY. For information contact: Nuch Nazeer, WTO Information and Media Relations Division, tel: (41-22) 739-5393.

11-12 September, San Francisco, California, USA: GLOBAL NETWORKS/LOCAL RULES: DOING BUSINESS OVER A BORDERLESS MEDIUM. The Internet Law and Policy Forum's conference on jurisdiction over cross-border electronic commerce and communications will provide an advanced overview of fundamentals, analysis of particular topics, and practical advice on the legal rules which govern a government's authority to enforce its rules outside its borders. To register for this event visit: For more information as well as to obtain an Advanced Program, updated weekly, visit: .

11-14 September, Prague, Czech Republic: FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT. For information contact: EIA Prague 2000, Czech Medical Association JEP, P.O. Box 88, Sokolská 31, 120 26 Prague 2, Czech Republic; tel: (420-2) 296-889 or 297-271; fax: 421-6836 or 491-9740; email:; Internet: From IISD Linkages, .

11-15 September, Lyon, France: 13TH SESSION OF THE UN FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE (UNFCCC) SUBSIDIARY BODIES: SB-13. For information contact: the UNFCCC Secretariat, Bonn, Germany, tel: (49- 228) 815-1000; fax: 815-1999;; Internet: .

WTO Events

An updated list of forthcoming WTO meetings is posted at: . Please bear in mind that dates and times of WTO meetings are often changed, and that the WTO does not always announce the important informal meetings of different WTO bodies. Unless otherwise indicated, all WTO meetings are held at the WTO, Centre William Rappard, rue de Lausanne 154, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland.

12 September, Geneva: WTO INFORMAL ACCESSION WORKING PARTY ON CHINA. The meeting will be followed by two and a half weeks of consultations. For information contact: Keith Rockwell, WTO Information and Media Relations Division, tel: (41-22) 739-5007.12-15 September, Geneva: WTO TEXTILES MONITORING BODY. For information contact: Luis Ople, WTO Information and Media Relations Division, tel: (41-22) 739-5374.

21-22 September, Geneva, Switzerland: WTO TRIPs COUNCIL MEETING. Included on the agenda: observer status for international intergovernmental organizations; review of national implementing legislation; technical cooperation; review of the provisions of article 27.3(b); review of the implementation of the agreement under article 71.1; and non-violation complaints. For information contact: Peter Ungphakorn, WTO Information and Media Relations Division, tel: (41-22) 739-5412; email: .

22 September, Geneva, Switzerland: WTO COMMITTEE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT: For information contact: Lucie Giraud, WTO Information and Media Relations Division; tel: (41-22) 739-5007;; Internet: For schedule updates visit: .

26 September, Geneva: WTO DISPUTE SETTLEMENT BODY. For information contact: Gabrielle Marceau, tel: (41-22) 739-5519; fax: (41-22) 739- 5788.

27 September, Geneva, Switzerland: WTO COMMITTEE ON AGRICULTURE. For information contact: Peter Ungphakorn, WTO Information and Media Relations Division, tel: (41-22) 739-5412.

27 September, Geneva, Switzerland: WTO WORKING PARTY ON GATS RULES. For information contact: Lucie Giraud, WTO Information and Media Relations Division, tel: (41-22) 739-5075.

28 September, Geneva, Switzerland: WTO COUNCIL FOR TRADE IN SERVICES. This meeting will focus on air transport services. For information contact: Lucie Giraud, WTO Information and Media Relations Division, tel: (41-22) 739-5075.

28-29 September, Geneva, Switzerland: WTO COMMITTEE ON AGRICULTURE -- SPECIAL SESSION (negotiations). For information contact: Peter Ungphakorn, WTO Information and Media Relations Division, tel: (41-22) 739-5412.

Other Forthcoming Events

18-19 September, University of Leeds, United Kingdom: BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT CONFERENCE. The Conference will be a workshop on papers from researchers and practitioners in the fields of corporate environmental management and business strategies for sustainable development. For more information contact: ERP Environment, tel: (44) (0) 127 453-0408; fax: 127 453-0409; .

18-19 September, Vienna, Austria: MEETING OF THE TASK GROUP ON DEBT AND STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT. For information visit: .

18-20 September, London, United Kingdom: COMMONWEALTH BUSINESS FORUM. The Forum will concentrate on globalisation policies, strategies and partnerships at both national and corporate levels. For more information contact: The Commonwealth Business Council, tel: (44) (0) 207 747-6344; fax: 747-6530; email: .

18-20 September, Vigo, Spain: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON AUTHENTICITY OF SPECIES IN MEAT AND SEAFOOD PRODUCTS. The Congress will cover a wide range of aspects involved in food authenticity. The Congress also includes the symposium "Food labelling for transgenic organisms" that will address the problems related to the production and detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in foodstuffs. For information visit: .

18-21 September, Rome, Italy: 26th SESSION OF THE FAO COMMITTEE ON WORLD FOOD SECURITY. For information contact: Barbara Huddleston, email: .

18-21 September, Rome, Italy: 26th Session of the FAO Committee on World Food Security (CFS). For information contact: Barbara Huddleston, FAO, email:; Internet: From IISD Linkages, .

18-22 September, Uruguay: UNEP WORKSHOP ON MANAGEMENT OF DIOXINS. Workshop on the management of dioxins, furans, and PCBS, organised by UNEP. For information contact: Murray Newton or Heidi Fiedler, UNEP Chemicals (IRPTC); tel: (41-22) 979-9111; fax: 797-3460; or; Internet: From IISD Linkages, .

19-20 September, Madrid, Spain: SIXTH INTERNATIONAL CEPHALOPOD TRADE CONFERENCE. The conference will look at squid and octopus fisheries, a review of cephalopod resources, world consumption and the influence of the WTO on trade in these seafood products. For more information email: .

19-21 September, Geneva, Switzerland: SECOND EMERGING MARKETS INTERNATIONAL FAIR. This fair will include interaction booths and presentations as well as a forum with workshops, roundtable discussions and interministerial conferences. For information visit: .

19-22 September, Geneva, Switzerland: THE WORLD MEETING OF THE REAL ECONOMY. Topics to be addressed include: direct investment, sustainable development, and investment funds. For information visit:

19-28 September, Prague, Czech Republic: WORLD BANK/IMF JOINT ANNUAL MEETING OF THE BOARDS OF GOVERNORS. A program of seminars will run from 23-26 September; the plenary sessions of the Boards of Governors will run from 26-28 September. For information visit: or .

20 September, Geneva, Switzerland: WORKSHOP ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND PROFITABILITY. The Workshop is organised by the New Approaches of Development section of the EMA Foundation's Emerging Markets International Fair. For more information contact: Claire Peracino, EMA Foundation, CP 731, 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland, tel: (41-22) 827-2642; fax: 827-2310; Internet: From IISD Linkages, .

20 September, Cambridge, MA, USA: BIOSAFETY REGULATION AND ITS CONSEQUENCES FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN MEXICO. With presentations by Professor Amanda Galvez, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and Professor Michelle Chauvet, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. For more information contact: .

20-29 September, Geneva, Switzerland: JOINT FAO-WHO MEETING ON PESTICIDES RESIDUES. The 25th session of the joint meeting of the FAO panel of experts on Pesticide Residues in Food and the Environment and the WHO Expert Group on Pesticide Residues. This meeting is expected to produce reports and monographs summarising the assessments of certain pesticides. For information contact: Amelia Tejada, FAO; tel: (39-6) 5705-4010; fax: 5705-6347; email:; Internet: From IISD Linkages, .

22-23 September, Boston, USA, Harvard University: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BIOTECHNOLOGY IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: SCIENCE AND THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE. The conference will cover the social, economic and political implications of the principle in developed and developing countries. For information contact: Derya Honca, Science, Technology, and Innovation, Center for International Development, Harvard University, 70 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA; tel. (1-617) 495-1923; fax: 496-8753; ">email: ; Internet: From IISD Linkages, .

26-30 September, Villa Manin di Passariano, Codroipo, Udine, Italy: VII CONFERENCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION IN EUROPE. The conference will cover the role, trends, communication and integration of networks involved in education for environment and sustainability within local, national, and European policies. For information contact: Preliminary Registration Secretariat, Laboratorio Regionale di Educazione Ambientale, Piazza del Castello 7, 33010 Colloredo di M.A. (UD), Italy; tel: (39-0432) 889014, 889698; fax: 889798; email:; Internet: .

28-30 September, Joensuu, Finland: MEETING ON THE CONTRIBUTION OF FORESTS AND FORESTRY TO THE MITIGATION OF GREENHOUSE EFFECTS: This meeting will be held in conjunction with the international conference on "Woody Biomass as an Energy Source - Challenges in Europe." For information contact: Brita Pajari, Seminar Coordinator, European Forest Institute, Torikatu 34, FIN-80100 Joensuu, Finland; tel: (358-13) 252- 0223; fax: 124-397; Internet: From IISD Linkages,

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