18 January 2012

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20 January, Geneva, Switzerland. UNCTAD/ILO POLICY DEBATE - TRADE AND EMPLOYMENT FROM MYTHS TO FACTS. Around the world, promises of new and better jobs run parallel with concerns of job losses, working conditions, and faltering wages.  This event aims to provide assessments of international trade and its impact on employment, in an attempt to address the disconnect between the prominence of trade and employment linkages and the lack of factual analysis on the subject. The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) will host a policy debate on this topic that will focus on the lessons that can be drawn from this evidence-based linkage between trade and employment, following the presentation of the ILO book "Trade and Employment: From Myths to Facts." A panel of high-level trade representatives from Geneva and other international organisations will be present. For more information on this policy debate, please visit the event's website.

23 January, online. CONSEQUENCES OF DURBAN: OUTLOOK FOR THE CARBON MARKETS IN 2012 AND BEYOND. Sponsored by The Communities of Practices of Energy and Waste Management of the Carbon Finance Platform "Finanzas Carbono", this webinar will include an analysis by Hernán Carlino, a climate change specialist and negotiator from Argentina, which will focus on the consequences of the COP17 climate conference and its impacts on carbon markets in 2012 and beyond. Carlino attended the COP17 Durban Conference and participated in recent discussions regarding its results. To access this event, please visit the webinar's portal. Please note that the language of this presentation is Spanish; it will be held at 3 PM Buenos Aires time (GMT/UTC-3).

24 January, New York, US. GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY WORKSHOP ON THE RIO+20 "ZERO DRAFT" AND RIGHTS FOR SUSTAINABILITY. Hosted by IBON International, this event aims to discuss the Rio +20 "Zero Draft", which includes the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) Secretariat's compilation of all inputs from member states and other stakeholders. The "Zero Draft" is a subsection of Rio+20's Outcome Document. The workshop aims to bring together civil society representatives to engage in the Rio+20 process, to analyse the role of human rights, equity and justice reflected in the draft, as well as the positions of key countries in the UNCSD process. It will also provide the opportunity for participants to strategise how to influence the member states in the direction of a rights-based approach to sustainability and to promote rights for sustainability among the major stakeholders and groups. For more information about this workshop, please visit IBON International's website for the event.

25 January, London, UK. PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE? RETHINKING SUPPORT FOR ADAPTIVE CAPACITY TO CLIMATE CHANGE REPORT LAUNCH. Hosted by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance, this public event will launch a new report entitled "Rethinking support for the adaptive capacity to climate change: the role of development interventions." This report explores the role that development interventions are playing in helping people face the challenge of climate change. It is based on studies in Mozambique, Uganda, and Ethiopia conducted by the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA); the report argues that opportunities for development interventions to support people through future change are being lost because of the rare inclusion of support for adaptive capacity in the interventions. The programme includes presentations by keynote speakers, a panel discussion, and more. For more information about the report launch, please visit the event's website.

WTO Events

An updated list of forthcoming WTO meetings is posted here. Please bear in mind that dates and times of WTO meetings are often changed, and that the WTO does not always announce the important informal meetings of the different bodies. Unless otherwise indicated, all WTO meetings are held at the WTO, Centre William Rappard, rue de Lausanne 154, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland, and are open to WTO Members and accredited observers only.

20 January: Sub-Committee on Least Developed Countries

20 January: Dispute Settlement Body

25 + 27 January: Trade Policy Review Body - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Other Upcoming Events

25-29 January, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ANNUAL MEETING 2012. This annual forum will convene under the theme "The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models" and will address the rebalancing and deleveraging that is reshaping the present global economy. In the short term, this transformation is seen in the context of how developed countries will deleverage their finances without falling into a recession and how emerging countries will tackle inflation and future economic obstacles. In the long term, organisers note, both will play out as the world population passes 7 billion while being interconnected through information technology on an historic scale, leading to transformational changes in social values, resource needs, and technological innovations. With this context in mind, this event aims to bring together leaders for the purpose of defining what the future should look like, aligning stakeholders around that vision, and inspiring their institutions to realise that vision. For more information on this annual global forum, please visit the WEF website.

5-7 February, Gwalior, MP, India. THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES. Organised by the Institute of Allied Sciences Computer Applications and ITM University, this international conference is part of the Technology Innovation Management for Sustainable Development (TIMS-12) Conference series. The objective of the conference is to examine the causes of climate change (natural and anthropogenic); the impact of climate change on humans and ecosystems; the mitigation of climate change through technological, social, ethical, and political responses; and strategies for global adaptation to climate change. It will attract policymakers, researchers, academics, and students from around the world to discuss global environmental challenges and exchange views on how to mitigate specific environmental problems. Event organisers expect the outcome of this meeting to enhance the academic contribution to international climate finance policy and co-operation. As a reminder, the last date to register or submit an abstract is 20 January. To access the programme or to read more about the TIMS-12 Conference, please visit the event's website.

10 February, Geneva, Switzerland. CONFERENCE ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. Held at the University of Geneva, this international conference aims to inform the public and those attending on the recent developments regarding intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry. It will also discuss the present and future challenges of intellectual property law from an international, European, and Swiss perspective. This event welcomes anyone interested in the present and future challenges of intellectual property law. As a special note, participants from non-profit organisations can benefit from a reduced registration fee (contact Nicole Crausaz: For more details, please visit the event's website.

20 February-23 March, Tokyo, Japan. BUILDING RESILIENCE TO CLIMATE CHANGE POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMME. Announced by the United Nations University's Institute for Sustainability and Peace, this five week graduate programme features postgraduate level courses on climate change and how to mitigate it. Course examples include "Sciences, Impacts and Vulnerability" and "Approaches to Adaptation." Week-long hands-on training in "Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)" will also be provided. The courses are open to students who are currently enrolled in a postgraduate programme, faculty members, researchers, and practitioners who have completed a master's degree and are working in the relevant field. The application for fellowships is 20 January for students from abroad and 31 January for applicants within Japan. For more information about the programme, please see the UNU's Institute for Sustainability and Peace's website regarding the courses.

28 February, Copenhagen, Denmark. CONFERENCE ON TRADE, DEVELOPMENT AND AGRICULTURE. Jointly hosted by Concorde Denmark and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, this conference seeks to provide information and create a strong and inclusive dialogue regarding complex topics related to trade, development, and agriculture. Topics for discussion will include gains from trade for developing countries, the EU Commission's revision of its Trade and Development Strategy, and negotiations on the reform of EUs Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This conference also aims to identify and discuss the positive and negative synergies between trade, development, and agriculture from the perspective of farmers in the EU and in developing countries. For more details about the conference, please visit the Danish Agriculture and Food Council's website.

21-26 April, Doha, Qatar. THIRTEENTH SESSION OF THE UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT (UNCTAD XIII) AND CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM. This Conference, which begins on 21 April, will convene under the theme Development-centred globalization: Towards inclusive and sustainable growth and development." The Conference's aim is to enhance the understanding of specific trade and development issues, especially after the fallout of the economic crisis.  In parallel with the Conference, UNCTAD has also partnered with the United Nations Non-Government Liaison Service and the Qatari National Human Rights Committee to organise a Civil Society Forum, where delegates from NGOs, the private sector, and civil society will explore different ways to strengthen partnerships with UNCTAD to boost the effectiveness of trade and development efforts. The Civil Society Forum will begin its work on 17 April. As an important reminder to those civil organisations that do not have observer status with UNCTAD and wish to participate in the Conference and the Civil Society Forum, the deadline for applications for the accreditation to the UNCTAD XIII is 31 January. For more information on the UNCTAD XIII Conference and the Civil Society Forum, please visit the UNCTAD XIII website.

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18 January 2012
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18 January 2012
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