11 June 2015

Coming Soon

15 June, Washington, US. KOREA AND THE TPP: THE INEVITABLE PARTNERSHIP. This event, hosted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, will be webcast live from 12:15-1:30 PM (EDT). Featuring Jeffery J. Schott, Cathleen Cimino, and Marcus Noland of the Peterson Institute, the meeting will discuss South Korea’s goal of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), as well as a discussion on South Korea’s economy and relationship with North Korea. For more information, click here.

16 June, Geneva, Switzerland. STRENGTHENING GLOBAL VALUE CHAINS IN THE CLEAN ENERGY SECTOR. This event is being convened jointly by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and the SETI Alliance. Held on the sidelines of the upcoming round of negotiations for the planned Environmental Goods Agreement, this meeting will feature presentations from business representatives about projects in developing countries to see how tariffs and non-tariff barriers affect supply chains; expert presentations from ICTSD on options for mutual recognition of standards for clean energy technologies, as well as from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on their upcoming research on international investment in solar and wind energy. Details are available at the ICTSD website.

17 June, Washington, US. EXAMINING THE GOVERNMENT ROLE IN TRADE FINANCE. This event, hosted by the Washington International Trade Association and the National Economists Club, will examine the role of official export credit agencies (ECAs). With at least 79 ECAs around the world, their roles in facilitating business in emerging markets is increasing, as well as their partnerships with private lenders. This event will feature Matthew Ekberg, Vice President for International Policy at the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade, and Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Reginald Jones Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, as lead panellists for the discussion. For more information, click here.

19 June, Washington, US. HILL TRADE BRIEFING ON CURRENCY MANIPULATION. This briefing, hosted jointly by the Washington International Trade Association (WITA) and WorldCity, will address the ongoing Washington debate over the impact of exchange rates on trade. This will include, among other subjects, the legislative process to renew Trade Promotion Authority. More information, including a list of featured speakers and registration details, can be found at the WITA event website.

WTO Events

An updated list of forthcoming WTO meetings is posted here. Please bear in mind that dates and times of WTO meetings are often changed, and that the WTO does not always announce the important informal meetings of the different bodies. Unless otherwise indicated, all WTO meetings are held at the WTO, Centre William Rappard, rue de Lausanne 154, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland, and are open to WTO members and accredited observers only.

11 June: Preparatory Committee on Trade Facilitation

11 June: Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions

12 June: Dispute Settlement Body

12 June: Working Group on Trade and Transfer of Technology

14 June: WTO Open Day “Merci Genève”

15 + 17 June: Trade Policy Review Body - Canada

Other Upcoming Events

23 June, London, UK. DANI RODRIK: THE FUTURE OF ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. This event, held by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), will feature economist Dani Rodrik as the keynote speaker. The discussions will focus on the future of economic transformation in developing countries, while also reviewing the latest trends in this field. The meeting will be streamed live online from the ODI website. To learn more, visit the ODI website.

20 June, Tokyo, Japan. SEMINAR BY WILLIAM ROBERDS: DEATH OF A RESERVE CURRENCY. This event, part of the Asian Development Bank Institute’s Seminar Series, will feature William Roberds of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as its guest speaker. The seminar will address the downfall of the Bank of Amsterdam, formerly the dominant central bank of Europe during most of the 18th century, examining the policy actions which led to its struggles. The meeting will then examine the potential lessons this episode can have for modern central banks. More information is available here.

30 June – 2 July, Geneva, Switzerland. FIFTH GLOBAL REVIEW OF AID FOR TRADE: REDUCING TRADE COSTS FOR INCLUSIVE, SUSTAINABLE GROWTH. This event, hosted at WTO headquarters, will focus on the various actions underway to reduce trade costs, at levels ranging from the national, bilateral, regional, and multilateral, as well as the private sector and non-governmental. Participants will be asked to consider which actors are involved in what; how the issue of trade costs is being addressed by national governments and regional organisations in their planning; and whether sufficient progress has been made, and if not, how to improve it. To learn more, visit the WTO website.

21 September, London, UK. ANTICIPATING AND MITIGATING MAJOR DISRUPTIVE RISKS TO GLOBAL FOOD TRADE. This one-day event, hosted at Chatham House, invites stakeholders to discuss the challenging reality in global food trade and trends to anticipate future disruptions. The discussions will feed into an ongoing Chatham House research project, which aims to map global food supply chains and their “choke points” to determine the most vulnerable trade routes. Attendance to this event is invitation only. Event information is available at the Chatham House website.

30 September – 2 October, Geneva, Switzerland. WTO PUBLIC FORUM: TRADE WORKS. This year’s WTO Public Forum comes as the global trade body celebrates its 20th anniversary. The theme of “Trade Works” will focus on the contribution that global trade cooperation over the past two decades has made to the world economy. Participants interested in organising an event at the Forum are asked to submit their proposals by 19 June. More information on the event is available at the WTO website.

26-27 October, London, UK. CLIMATE CHANGE 2015. The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is fast approaching. In this context, Chatham House will be hosting its 19th annual climate change conference, which aims to serve as a mechanism to assess what action steps can be taken to create a global climate deal that ensures long term climate action. The conference will incorporate the expertise of key stakeholders, with the goal of contributing to a positive outcome from the UNFCCC meeting in Paris. Participants will also analyse key risks, as well as important goals, for achieving a global consensus on mitigation priorities. For more information and registration, visit the Chatham House website.

14-17 December, Nairobi, Kenya. TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT SYMPOSIUM. This biennial event, organised jointly by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and the government of Kenya, will be held in parallel to the WTO’s Tenth Ministerial Conference. The four-day event will include various high-level plenaries, press events, and private roundtables, among other features. A call for proposals is now underway for those interested in hosting partner sessions during the symposium. Further details can be found on the official event website.

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