9 March 2017

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9-10 March, London, UK. COMMONWEALTH TRADE MINISTERS ROUNDTABLE. This gathering of Commonwealth trade and investment ministers will focus on the bloc’s trade prospects, and will follow a trade forum prepared by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council. To learn more and to read related publications on the subject, please click here.

14-15 March, Manila, Philippines. REGIONAL WORKSHOP ON INTEGRATING SOCIAL PROTECTION INDICATORS IN MONITORING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. This workshop is organised by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Social Development Thematic Group and funded under the Regional Technical Assistance on Assessing and Monitoring Social Protection Programs in Asia and the Pacific, with support from various partners. This workshop seeks to promote cross-country learning for supporting the monitoring of progress for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically relating to social protection. This workshop is intended for stakeholders from ADB member countries. Please note that attendance of this workshop is by invitation only. For more information on this workshop, please visit the ADB website.

16 March, London, UK. 10TH INTERNATIONAL ILLEGAL UNREPORTED AND UNREGULATED FISHING FORUM. This annual forum is organised by Chatham House and brings together over 100 leading policymakers, researchers, industry representatives, and civil society groups to discuss recent developments and research related to fisheries governance and the trade of illegal fish products. The event will include an update regarding the United Nations’ Port State Measures Agreement as well as a status report on the role of new technologies and data in preventing illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.  For more information, please visit the Chatham House website.

17 March, New York, US. THE IMPACT OF THE TRADE ENVIROMENT ON WOMEN’S EMPLOYMENT. This panel event is jointly organised by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Governments of Finland and Sweden. The panel will discuss how the trade environment has influenced the gender patterns of employment in selected countries, building from recent work by the UN agency. For more information, please visit the UNCTAD website.  

WTO Events

An updated list of forthcoming WTO meetings is posted here. Please bear in mind that dates and times of WTO meetings are often changed, and that the WTO does not always announce the important informal meetings of the different bodies. Unless otherwise indicated, all WTO meetings are held at the WTO, Centre William Rappard, rue de Lausanne 154, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland, and are open to WTO Members and accredited observers only.

10 March: Trade Policy Review Body – Japan

14 March: Committee on Trade and Development – Dedicated Session on RTAs

14 March: Working Party on Domestic Regulation 

14 March: Committee on Trade and Development

15 March: Committee on Specific Commitments

15 March: Committee on Trade in Financial Services

16-17 March: Council for Trade in Services

Other Upcoming Events

22 March, London, UK, and online. ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION: A NEW APPROACH TO INCLUSIVE GROWTH. This event is being organised by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). This event will feature a panel of speakers from academia, government, and civil society for a discussion on economic transformation and its implications, along with what actions can be undertaken to support such a transition. This event is open to the public and will be streamed online. To learn more and register, or watch online, visit the ODI website.

22-26 March, Barcelona, Spain. INNOVATE4CLIMATE: FINANCE AND MARKETS WEEK. This two-day forum is organised jointly by the World Bank and Fira Barcelona as well as supported by the governments of Spain and Germany. This forum will feature high-level government representatives, along with financial and business leaders to discuss the private sector investment needed to make possible the global transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future. For more information, please visit the World Bank website.

27-29 March, Mumbai, India. SIXTH GLOBAL ECONOMIC SUMMIT ON WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT. This event is being organised by World Trade Centre (WTC) Mumbai, with the stated objective of bringing women together from an array of backgrounds for discussions around increasing women’s participation in trade and other related topics, including institutional support for women, as well as education and leadership. To learn more, visit the World Trade Centres Association website.

28 March, Geneva, Switzerland. REGULATORY COHERENCE AND THE MULTILATERAL TRADE SYSTEM: LESSONS FROM THE RTAs AND OPTIONS TO PROMOTE CONVERGENCE. This dialogue is being organised by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The objective is to help support trade policymaking in the area of regulatory coherence, particularly given the developments underway with regional trade agreements and the multilateral trading system. Please note that attendance at this event is by invitation only. For more information, please visit the ICTSD website.

28 March, Brussels, Belgium. EFFORT SHARING REGULATION: WHAT DEAL CAN WE EXPECT? This meeting is being organised by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and the European Roundtable on Climate and Sustainable Transition (ERCST). Taking place at the European Parliament with the participation of Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, Member of the European Parliament representing the Netherlands and part of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats of Europe, this meeting aims to facilitate policy discussions regarding the development of the new Effort Sharing Regulation. For more information, please visit the ICTSD website.

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