10 April 2014

THE GLOBAL ENABLING TRADE REPORT 2014. Edited by Margareta Drzeniek Hanouz, Thierry Geiger, and Sean Dohert for the World Economic Forum (WEF) (2014). This latest edition of WEF's biennial report reviews the quality of policies, infrastructures, and services that impact goods trade. The publication evaluates the performance of 138 economies in the areas of market access; border administration; infrastructure; and operating environment. To learn more, or to read the report in full, visit the WEF website.

MAXIMIZING THE UTILIZATION OF ASEAN-LED FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS: THE POTENTIAL ROLES OF MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES. By Tulus Tambunan and Alexander Chandra for the International Institute for Sustainable Development's Trade Knowledge Network (2014). This policy brief aims to identify key challenges and opportunities that micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) based in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) face in taking advantage of region-led free trade agreements. The authors also provide policy recommendations that could allow the greater use of such trade deals by MSMEs. The full paper can be found here.

CLOSE TO HOME: SUBNATIONAL STRATEGIES FOR CLIMATE COMPATIBLE DEVELOPMENT. By B. Anton, A. Cambray, M. Dupar, and A. Westerlind-Wigstroem for the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) (April 2014). This paper explores strategies and measures for climate resilience and low-carbon development that communities and leaders have pursued at the subnational level. The authors call for a global transformation in society's approach to development in order to ensure a low-carbon, climate-resilient future, and urge the scale-up of successful subnational climate-compatible strategies. The full paper can be found here.

UK-JAPAN GLOBAL SEMINAR: FOSTERING STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS. Published by Chatham House (March 2014). This paper reports on the events of the first UK-Japan Global Seminar to examine the countries' bilateral relationship and think strategically about areas of mutual interest in the short to medium term. Sessions ranged on topics such as the economy, security, energy and environment, and frameworks for cooperation. The seminar - the first in a five-year series - explored Tokyo's views of key international developments and how it approaches these from a domestic and regional perspective, in comparison to the approaches adopted by the UK and Europe. The full report can be found here.

REGULATORY ASSESSMENT TOOLKIT: A PRACTICAL METHODOLOGY FOR ASSESSING REGULATION ON TRADE AND INVESTMENT IN SERVICES. By Martín Molinuevo and Sebastián Sáez for the World Bank (March 2014). This paper aims to provide guidance on how to assess and reform the regulatory policies of service trade industries. It aims to help evaluate whether regulatory frameworks address market failures, achieve public interest goals in an effective manner, and promote the development of an efficient domestic services market. The publication can be found here.

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