6 April 2017

DOMESTIC SUPPORT TO AGRICULTURE AND TRADE: IMPLICATIONS FOR MULTILATERAL REFORM. By Jared Greenville for the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) (March 2017). This paper examines the impact of domestic support policies on the international market for various farm goods, particularly in major agricultural exporters, with a view to facilitating the WTO discussions ahead of the organisation’s ministerial conference in Argentina later this year. To download this paper, please visit the ICTSD website

ARTICLE 50 AND THE GREAT REPEAL BILL ARE ONLY THE BEGINNING. By Robin Niblett for Chatham House (March 2017).  In this expert commentary, Niblett discusses the various different elements at play in the Brexit process, and argues that the negotiations between the UK and the other EU member states could also have domestic ramifications within the United Kingdom. Niblett is the director of Chatham House. This commentary is available to view here.

BETTER NEIGHBOURS: TOWARD A RENEWAL OF ECONOMIC INTEGRATION IN LATIN AMERICA. By Chad P. Bown, Daniel Lederman, Samuel Pienknagura, and Raymond Robertson for the World Bank Group (March 2017). This book argues for a renewal of open and integrated trade in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve the region’s goal of strong, consistent economic growth. The authors discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in pursuing an ambitious regional economic integration effort. To download this book, please visit the World Bank Group website.

A NOD TO NAFTA. By Monica de Bolle for the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) (March 2017). This blog post discusses recent developments regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), including the expected negotiations to upgrade the decades-old accord. Bolle examines, for example, the Trump Administration’s draft letter to Congress on the subject and other indications of the US’ priorities going forward. The blog post is available to view here.

TRADE ISSUES AFFECTING DISASTER RESPONSE. By Michael Roberts and Nazia Mohammed for the World Trade Organization (WTO) (March 2017). The authors of this working paper examine the relationship between trade policy and efforts at responding to natural disasters. They look at how to use trade to support a stronger response to such events, and call for additional research on the interlinkages between these policy areas. The paper is available for download here.

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