25 January 2018

THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE. By Dan Ciuriak and Maria Ptashkina for the RTA Exchange (January 2018). This new paper looks at what digital transformation can mean for trade, along with the role that trade agreements can play in this context. The authors put forward suggested “modes” that could be used as a classification tool, along with the prospects for a multilateral deal setting the “rules of the road” in digital trade. The paper was published by the RTA Exchange, an initiative that is being implemented jointly by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The publication is available for download at the ICTSD website.

UNCTAD’s GLOBAL INVESTMENT TREND MONITOR. Published by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (January 2018). This latest edition of UNCTAD’s investment monitor finds that foreign direct investment (FDI) flows dropped last year, looking at these changes at the global and regional level. It also looks at global FDI prospects for the coming year, along with potential risks. The monitor can be found online here.

TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONS: CONVERGING OR DIVERGING? By Xenia Wickett for Chatham House (January 2018). This new publication looks at the recent political and policy changes seen in the United States and Europe, along with what this could mean for the relationship between the two sides. It looks at what this could mean for areas such as trade and the environment, and whether these changes at the political level could lead to divergence or convergence between them. The publication is available at the Chatham House website.

TOWARDS A STRONGER AND MORE INCLUSIVE MEXICO: AN ASSESSMENT OF RECENT POLICY REFORMS. Published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (December 2017). This OECD publication reviews a host of policy reforms which have been implemented under current Mexican leadership, and where Mexico could go next in addressing policy challenges in areas such as energy and health, among others. The publication is available for download here.

THE UNITED STATES WINS FROM TRADE AGREEMENTS. By Caroline Freund for the Peterson Institute for International Economics (December 2017). This article looks at how the US’ various trade agreements have benefited the country, looking at the various concessions made by US trading partners in signing onto these accords, and noting the role that Washington has played in the design of these agreements. The full article and related graphs can be found at the Peterson Institute website.

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18 January 2018
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25 January 2018
Coming Soon 25 January, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. WARFARE OR COLLABORATIVE STEWARDSHIP? THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL TRADE & INVESTMENT. This dinner discussion will be convened under the E15...