1 February 2018

THE USE OF THE EU’s FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS: EXPORTER AND IMPORTER UTILIZATION OF PREFERENTIAL TARIFFS. Published by the Swedish National Board of Trade and the UN Conference on Trade and Development (January 2018). This report aims to examine how parties to trade agreements use preferential tariffs and includes a breakdown from both importer and exporter perspectives. It also looks at current thinking on preference utilisation in these accords, and takes a specific focus on the EU’s free trade deals. The report can be accessed here

INVESTOR-STATE DISPUTE SETTLEMENT: UNFAIR TO WHOM? Published by the Peterson Institute for International Economics (January 2018). This Peterson Perspectives interview features Gary Clyde Hufbauer as its guest speaker, with a specific focus on investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanisms in trade accords and the concerns raised in this area, as well as the potential benefits of such tools. He also examines changes that could lead to better iterations of ISDS mechanisms. The interview can be viewed online here.

PODCAST: TRUMP'S TANGLED WAR ON TRADE. Published by CQ Roll Call (January 2018). This podcast looks at the potential direction of US trade policy in the coming year, given the recent moves by the current administration in the areas of trade negotiations and tariffs. The podcast is available at the CQ Roll Call website.

TPP REDUX: WHY THE UNITED STATES IS THE BIGGEST LOSER. By Jeffrey J. Schott for the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) (January 2018). This article examines the potential fall-out for the US from the withdrawal last year from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, which is now moving forward without the United States. It looks at potential gains in real income that could have materialised for the US had it remained in the trade deal, among other subjects. The article is available here.

ECONOMIC SURVEY 2017-2018. Published by the Indian Ministry of Finance (January 2018). This publication reviews the current state of the Indian economy across a host of areas, looking also at subjects such as climate change, agriculture, gender, science, and technology. The survey, along with related infographics, online courses, and past studies, can be found at the finance ministry website.

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25 January 2018
The 11 remaining Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries are set to sign their final agreement this March in Chile, after chief negotiators from the participating economies resolved the last...
1 February 2018
Coming Soon 5 February, Washington, US, and online. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MOVE BEYOND GDP? This Brookings Institution and World Bank event will feature an expert panel discussion, which will address...