how much does it cost to upgrade to business class on southwest?


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    You can receive complimentary upgraded boarding with the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card whenever it is available When you have the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card, you can earn a reimbursement for up to four upgrades to positions A1-A15 on your anniversary date.

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    Does Southwest Airlines have business class seats?

    Business Select fares are fully refundable and they earn up to double the mileage points earned on Southwest flights. Although Southwest does not offer business or first-class seats, the more expensive fare does come with some perks.

    How do you get pre Board on Southwest?

    Requests for preboarding should be made at the ticket counter or departure gate by our Customer Service Agent. Upon the Customer's completion of our fact-finding questions, our Agents determine if he/she meets the required qualifications.

    How much does Southwest Business Select cost?

    Fare ClassCash priceApproximate Value of Rapid Rewards points earnedWanna Get Away$185$16Anytime$370$52Business Select$388$65

    How do I upgrade from premier to priority on Southwest?

    The number to call is 1-800-792-00011-800-792-0001 for an upgrade to the Rapid Rewards Premier or Priority Credit Card. Are my annual fees going to annual fee change? With the Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card, you will earn 6,000 bonus points on your first anniversary; but it will cost you $99 every year.

    How much is it to upgrade to Business Select on Southwest?

    Depending on the route, upgrading to Business Select costs anywhere between $30 and $50 per segment. There are a limited number of upgrades available. You may not be able to upgrade if you're flying on a busy business route.

    Do you have to check in with Business Select on Southwest?

    We provide you with A 1-15 boarding group guarantees, so you can check in as soon as the Southwest website is available (24 hours before flight time).

    Are Southwest Business Select fares refundable?

    You can get a refund on any Anytime or Business Select ticket. If you cancel more than 10 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart, you will be eligible to receive a refund on your original payment method or Travel Funds to use in the future.

    How do you upgrade on Southwest?

    Depending on your itinerary, Upgraded Boarding gives you the option to board in the A1 - A15 boarding group for only $30, $40, or $50. At the departure gate or ticket counter, see if upgrades are available by talking to a Customer Service Agent.

    Is Group B good on Southwest?

    The chances are good that if you have a B group boarding position, you can still find a window or aisle seat or two are good that you'll still be able to get a window or aisle seat or find 2 seats together if you're traveling with a companion. The best place to sit is at the back of the plane if you are in the B group (or even one of the first numbers in the C group).

    Can I use points to upgrade on Southwest?

    Yes, you can make changes to your reward travel reservation online.® offers the ability to modify or change reward reservations if they were booked using your own points.

    Does Southwest offer business class?

    When flying Southwest, Business Select is as close to first class as you can get. The most expensive fare class offered by Southwest, Business Select offers benefits such as guaranteed A1-A15 boarding positions and priority check-in and security lines.

    Do I need to check in Business Select?

    When you check in with Southwest Business Select, does it ect automatically check you in? Yes. Travelers who purchase business select fares are automatically checked in and guaranteed to receive a boarding pass ranging from A1 to A15.

    What are business class seats like?

    Business-class lounges provide a conducive environment for working and relaxing, as well as free Wi-Fi, comfortable chairs, and snacks, but nothing else. There are major differences between first class and business class based on the seats and the service, though the differences vary according to the airline, route, and airplane model.

    How do you qualify for pre boarding on Southwest?

    We offer priority preboarding to customers with specific seating needs, who need assistance when boarding an aircraft, or who need assistance with stowing an assistive device. Our priority preboarding program also applies to customers traveling with assistance animals or emotional support animals.

    Can you board early if pregnant Southwest?

    As of the 38th week of pregnancy, Southwest Airlines doesn't recommend air travel. If pregnant women are in a row with emergency exits, they may be asked not to sit in that row, depending on their physical condition, strength, and agility.

    Who gets priority boarding on Southwest?

    Be a member of the elite. To become A-List or A-List Preferred, you must earn either 25 one-way flights or 35,000 tier qualifying points in one year. A Business Select member with Elite status receives upgraded boarding.

    Can you pay for pre boarding on Southwest?

    In Southwest's preboarding program, preboarding is only available to customers with specific seating needs or for those requiring assistance with boarding. Extra time will be designated on boarding passes if the customer needs extra time.

    How much does Southwest Business Select cost?

    Fare Class Cash price Approximate Value of Rapid Rewards points earned
    Wanna Get Away $185 $16
    Anytime $370 $52
    Business Select $388 $65

    Can you upgrade to Business Select after check in?

    Is it possible to upgrade your ticket to Business Select after you buy it? In a way yes. Known as Upgraded Boarding, Southwest Airlines provides travelers with the option to upgrade their seats (assuming they are still available) to a position between A1 and A15.

    Do I still need to check in with Southwest Business Select?

    You should check-in as soon as possible before your flight. The boarding zone is your best option if you don't have children under the age of 6 and didn't purchase an EarlyBird Check-In or Business Select fare.

    Does Southwest have free change?

    Changing your mind is free, as we realize plans change. The difference in fare is the only cost you'll have to pay if you want to change an itinerary. We have a FAQ page where you can learn more.

    What is the difference between business select anytime and wanna get away?

    There is no fee to rebook or change an anytime fare, and 10 rapid rewards points per dollar are earned. There is a big difference between the wanna get away and the business select. The wanna gets you the least amount of points while the business select has the most points earned as well as being able to board in the A1-A15 area.

    Does business Select board first?

    Business Select® Upgrade today and take advantage of great perks. Priority boarding will let you board your flight first. Select a seat that suits your needs and leave room for your carryons.

    What does Business Select on Southwest Airlines mean?

    The most expensive fare class offered by Southwest, Business Select offers benefits such as guaranteed A1-A15 boarding positions and priority check-in and security lines. You would otherwise have to pay for upgrades such as a guaranteed position in the A1 to A15 range with Southwest Business Select.

    Does Southwest Business Select automatically check you in?

    Upon booking, Southwest automatically checks in Business Select first, then A-List Preferred, A-List, and EarlyBird - all in the order in which the booking was made.

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