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    Foursquare is free to use; users are not charged to download or use the app at this time. It does, however, reserve the right to do so in accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up.

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    How much money do Foursquare make?

    If you hadn't been paying attention, you'd think Foursquare had met the same fate as its once-popular competitors. But you'd be mistaken. Foursquare's revenue will surpass $100 million this year, which is a crucial milestone for companies planning to go public.

    How does a business get on Foursquare?

    Follow these steps to claim your Foursquare listing as a single-location business: Step 1: Go to to claim your listing as a single-location business. Go to com/venue/claim and look for your company. Enter the name and location of your business, and Foursquare will search for any existing listings that might be a match.

    Is Foursquare free for business?

    There's no reason not to take advantage of it since it's completely free. Keep in mind that this account is for you as a PERSON, not your company. (Consider the distinction between your personal Facebook account and your company's Facebook page.) ) Once your listing has been verified, you can log in to your business account.

    Do you have to pay for Foursquare?

    Foursquare is a free app to download and use. It does, however, reserve the right to do so in accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up. Also, keep an eye on your data usage if you're using Foursquare on your mobile device.

    How do you claim a business on Foursquare?

  • Go to and search for your venue's name and city.
  • Then click the title of the venue you are interested in.
  • To claim your prize, go to the Claim Here link...
  • You can continue claiming this venue by clicking on the Continue Claiming This Venue link.
  • (Optional) Review the Terms of Service for the Venue Platform.
  • Please click the Yes button.
  • How much does Foursquare charge businesses?

    It is completely free to sign up for a Foursquare account. It's also free to add new locations. It is, however, not free to register your business. Verifying your ownership costs $20 USD, and Canadian businesses are unfortunately unable to avoid the fee.

    Is the Foursquare app free?

    Foursquare is a social networking app that works on a variety of smartphones, including iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Android devices. You'll need to download the free Foursquare app to use it on these devices. With this app, you can find local businesses and attractions nearby and share the information with others.

    What is Foursquare good for?

    Foursquare is primarily used to keep track of your friends' locations and to find out where they are. Second, it's for going about your daily business and collecting points, prize "badges," and eventually coupons. A growing number of people are using it. Since Foursquare was launched, it has gained almost 275,000 users.

    Is Foursquare profitable?

    Reuters reports that Foursquare, based in New York, and Factual, based in Los Angeles, combined to generate more than $150 million in revenue last year. Factual's spokeswoman declined to comment on whether the company is profitable.

    How does Foursquare City Guide Make Money?

    Foursquare makes money by selling consumer information to other businesses (via "Foursquare Pinpoint") and by displaying advertisements to its users in-app (or on-webpage). Using the software, you can monitor foot traffic and then identify the demographics of those most likely to frequent your business.

    What is Foursquare worth?

    Foursquare raised a new $45 million Series D round in 2016, with Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz among the investors. According to reports, the round increased the company's valuation to $350 million, which is half of what it was three years ago.

    What is Foursquare business model?

    Foursquare began as a social networking site for sharing locations (lifelogging via check-ins). Check-ins at restaurants, museums, laundromats, retail outlets, etc., enable users to earn badges (in addition to mayorship) and share their real-time location.

    How do I add a listing to Foursquare?

    To create a place on Foursquare Swarm, go to the check-in icon and type in the name of the location. If the venue isn't already listed, a link to "add this place" should appear at the bottom of the search results page. Add the location's information by selecting add in the top right corner, and you're good to go.

    How do I create a business on Foursquare?

    The first step is to open your web browser and browse to You can register by going to " Step 2: You need to create a Foursquare account before you can publish your listing. You can register by filling out the information fields and clicking "Sign Up". Step 3: Log in to your e-mail account and confirm your foursquare account. com.

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