how much money did jeff bezos ex wife take?


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    former wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, announced last week that she has donated $2 million to charity. There are 286 organizations receiving 74 billion dollars. Scott wrote on his blog that the donations went to groups and communities that have historically received less funding and attention.

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    How much did Jeff Bezos pay ex-wife?

    MacKenzie Bezos is now the world's third-richest woman with the settlement of her divorce from Jeff Bezos valued at $38 billion.

    Is MacKenzie Scott a billionaire?

    Having gained the fortune of Amazon stock from her divorce from Jeff Bezos --her personal net worth is currently valued at $65 billion -- Scott has received widespread praise for her recent philanthropic efforts, including $2 million. In the past month, the United States gave $75 billion to groups that had been historically underfunded and ignored.

    how much money did jeff bezos ex wife take?

    Scott has still made more money than she could distribute: the Amazon shares she received in her divorce settlement are now worth $60 billion because the company's success in the aftermath of the pandemic, an interesting look at how the wealthiest people have benefited during a crisis.

    How much money has MacKenzie Scott given away?

    Scott Bezos, ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has established herself as one the world's most philanthropic billionaires. He has given away $8 so far over the past year. Approximately $5 billion has been donated to organizations tackling pandemic relief, racial inequality, public health, climate change, and many other issues.

    How much did Mrs Bezos give away?

    Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie Scott announced Tuesday that she has given away another $2 since their divorce. She has a massive fortune worth more than 74 billion dollars. Displacing wealth into a few hands and placing disproportionate wealth in a small number of hands is what Scott says in her announcement of the gifts to 286 organizations.

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