what is jeff bezos wife profession?


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    How much money did Mackenzie Scott get?

    former wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, announced last week that she has donated $2 million to charity. There are 286 organizations receiving 74 billion dollars. Scott wrote on his blog that the donations went to groups and communities that have historically received less funding and attention.

    What does Jeff Bezos ex wife do?

    She is married to Dan Jewett, a science teacher at a local high school. She has promised him that many of her billions of dollars will be given away with his help.

    What did Jeff Bezos wife do for work?

    Still hoping to be a novelist, she took a job at D to earn a steady income. This fund is managed by Shaw. As she told a friend, she was assigned an office next to a young executive who had "that giant laugh." Hearing "that laugh" of his intrigued her. 'Jeff Bezos' is his name.

    What did Jeff Bezos wife do before Amazon?

    Mr. Bezos and Ms. Scott, both Princeton graduates, met while they worked at a New York hedge fund. Her first novel was published in 1991. She also founded Amazon in 1994.

    What does Jeff Bezos wife do for work?

    In addition to being the founder and developer of Amazon, she was married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos until their divorce in 1999. Among her charitable commitments, she has signed the Giving Pledge, which commits her to give away at least half of her wealth.

    What did Bezos wife do for Amazon?

    / MacKenzie Scott Jeff Bezos and enzie ScottJeff Bezos / Wife

    How did Mackenzie Scott get rich?

    July 2019 marked the finalization of Scott and Bezos' divorce. After the high-profile split, Scott now owns 4% of Amazon, making her one of the wealthiest women on the planet.

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