which newspaper does jeff bezos own?


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    What news company does Jeff Bezos own?

    A friend of Bezos and The Washington Post, Don Graham, suggested he buy the newspaper for $250 million in cash on August 5, 2013. During the sale process, he set up Nash Holdings to serve as a holding company where the newspaper would be owned.

    Why does Jeff Bezos own The Washington Post?

    Don Graham, the son of Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, was the first to suggest Bezos buy the newspaper. He believed that Bezos had the necessary qualifications to be a successful buyout candidate. As a matter of his own accord, Bezos was not interested in purchasing the newspaper business. A newspaper was not familiar to him.

    Does Jeff Bezos own the Post?

    A paper sold for $250 million to Jeff Bezos in 2013, complete with Jeff Bezos' ownership. Currently, Nash Holdings LLC, a company controlled by Bezos, owns the newspaper. Bezos used this step to signal his intention to shift the Post from a local focus to an international one that would cater to national and global audiences.

    What companies does Jeff Bezos own?

    Amazon has made many different investments, including Bezos Expeditions, his venture capital firm; Nash Holdings LLC, a private company he owns; the Bezos Family Foundation; and the Bezos Family Foundation. In addition to saving the world, his investments seek to do so as well.

    Does Jeff Bezos still own The Washington Post?

    A couple of weeks after stepping down from his post as CEO of Amazon, Bezos intends to fly into space aboard a Blue Origin rocket. A business titan who leaves their top jobs without a clear plan doesn't exist. He owns The Washington Post as well.

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