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    Why does Timmy have two godparents?

    Timmy gets two fairies for the simple reason that they are husband and wife and cannot be apart from each other, as if they were to be apart, they would only be able to see each other in fairy world or if one of them sneaked away to get a glimpse.

    Is Timmy Turner neglected?

    It is either Timmy or Tootie's parents who neglect them. Francis, one of the bullies, bullies both of them at Dimmsdale Elementary School. If his parents cannot find a babysitter for him, his parents would need to find someone else. Although his parents would neglect him, Timmy would be much happier.

    How did Timmy Turner's family get rich?

    After Sheldon invented parachute pants, he went and left Mom, who was working as a janitor at the University at the time. Although they originally planned to have a daughter, they bought several girl's outfits, including Timmy's trademark pink hat, only to name him Timmy.

    Can Timmy Turner wish for money?

    Obviously, a godchild cannot bring the dead back to life (although Timmy was able to bring pirates into Dimmsdale in "Wish Fixers" to tell a story). The godchild cannot have money in his or her possession, as it is considered counterfeit.

    What is Timmy's Dad's real name?

    Personal InformationAliases:Timmy's Dad Mr. Turner Timberlake

    What is Timmys dads real name?

    Personal InformationEarthAliases:Timmy's Dad Mr. Turner Timberlake

    Do Timmy Turner's parents love him?

    Timmy loves his Godparents more than his mom and dad because they sometimes neglect him. In Timmy's Secret Wish, he shows that Timmy has very deep love and friendship for his godparent family, a bond that can never be wiped away by magic.

    Who are Timmy Turner's biological parents?

    FamilyParents:Mr. Turner (father) Mrs. Turner (mother)Grandparents:Pappy (paternal grandfather) Grandma Gladys (maternal grandmother) Grandpa Vlad (maternal grandfather) Ebeneezer Turner (great great grandfather) Grandma Turner (paternal grandmother)

    What does Crocker say in Fairly Odd Parents?

    Yes! ! It's fairies for me! ! Are you a Fairy? Tell us about yourself.

    When did Crocker lose his fairies?

    How? ? Denzel Crocker began his obsession with catching his Fairy Godparents on March 15, the day he lost the pair.

    What is Mr Crocker's mom name?

    Production Information"Fancy Schmancy" (mentioned)Voiced by:Carlos Alazraqui

    Did Vicky have fairy godparents?

    VickySisters:TootieMother:NickyFather:Vicky and Tootie's DadBoyfriend:Mark Chang

    Why does Timmy Turner have to share his fairies?

    One of Tom Turner's fairies appears twice. Unlike Remy Buxaplenty, Chester only got Norm as a fairy when he got his, and Remy Buxaplenty had two. Chloe, whose fairies need to be shared since there is a shortage, has to simply have BOTH of her fairies along with Timmy.

    Did Mr Crocker have Fairy God Parents?

    FamilyFairy Godparents:Cosmo Cosma (former godfather) Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma (former godmother)Parents:Dolores-Day Crocker (mother) Ricky (stepfather)

    What episode does Timmy get his godparents?

    The 222nd episode of Open Catastrophe is here. There is a big, big deal about Timmy having Cosmo and Wanda as his godparents one year ago today.

    Was Timmy Turner neglected?

    Timmy Turner's parents neglected him, and his babysitter and teacher abused him. Timmy was able to fulfill his wishes in the form of magical fairies, which made his life so much better. It is possible that he would have lost his fairies as a result of such actions.

    Are Timmy Turners parents neglectful?

    Without a doubt, Timmy's parents' choice for a babysitter ranks first on their list of bad parenting habits.

    Do Timmy's parents care about him?

    When Timmy discovers that he has fairies, his mother shows some love to him. As long as Jorgen is not told, she keeps the secret. As part of the show Meet the OddParents, she willingly erased her memory so that her son would be happy.

    What is Dinklebergs job?

    Personal Information
    The Dinkleberg's House Dimmsdale, CA

    What is Timmys dads real name?

    Personal Information
    Timmy's Dad Mr. Turner Timberlake

    Did Mr Crocker have Fairy God Parents?

    Fairy Godparents:
    Cosmo Cosma (former godfather) Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma (former godmother)
    Dolores-Day Crocker (mother) Ricky (stepfather)

    Are Timmy's parents rich?

    Riches and spoils increase in Timmy's family. Rather than selling Sparky to his boss, Dad is making work a miserable experience. A plan is hatched by Timmy and Sparky. The ancestors of Timmy wish they had chosen another path in life.

    What does Timmy's dad do for a living?

    According to the description, he is a pencil pusher. In the first week after his son arrived at work, he nearly lost his job, since Timmy started doing a better job than him, leading to Timmy being promoted to Vice President in a day and his dad having to fire him.

    What does Dinkleberg meaning?

    This is trivia. D is the D in Dinkleberg's name. Defined as couples with a dual income no children and having a great deal of money because they are not spending it on youth.

    Who says Dinkleberg?

    Nickelodeon's 'The Fairly OddParents' has a word named Dinkleberg for one of their characters.

    Does Timmys Dad have a name?

    In the series, Mr. Turner is always labeled Timmy's father or Dad, but he has no name. He revealed his name. Sometimes, though, it was lost to the viewer because of things like passing trucks or loud horns.

    Does Timmy's Mom have a name?

    Timothy Turner's mother is Laurel Sally Turner (nèe Dearing), who was his father's first wife and mother to Timmy. The voice of Susanne Blakeslee is heard.

    What are Timmy Turners parents first names?

    (Daran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee respectively are Timmy's parents) Mr. and Mrs. Turner are Timmy's parents.

    Who plays Timmys Dad in Fairly Odd Parents?

    Timmy's dad and Jorgen Von Strangle / Daran Norris Fun fact: Daran Norris is Cosmo's voice actor, but he also voices Timmy Turner's dad and Wanda Turner's mom / Susanne Blakeslee. Timmy's parents are also his fairy godparents, thus making Timmy their son.

    Did Chester have fairy godparents?

    with Cosmo and Wanda In the episode "It's A Wishful Life", Chester is shown with Cosmo and Wanda as his fairy godparents during the alternate timeline during which Timmy did not exist. They use their magic to help others.

    What is Mr Crocker's mom name?

    Production Information
    "Fancy Schmancy" (mentioned)
    Voiced by:
    Carlos Alazraqui

    What is Timmy's Dad's real name?

    Personal Information
    Timmy's Dad Mr. Turner Timberlake

    Are Timmy Turner's parents neglectful?

    Without a doubt, Timmy's parents' choice for a babysitter ranks first on their list of bad parenting habits. Timmy is seldom noticed by his parents since they do not pay much attention to him. In the event they do notice, they often use that opportunity to torture, demean, or unfairly punish their only son.

    Did Timmy Turner wished to stop aging?

    As a result of Father Time, Timmy Turner, along with the rest of Dimmsdale, is aged fifty years more rapidly at the behest of the Fairy Council in the television film, "Timmy's Secret Wish.". Due to a secret wish Timmy had had fifty years ago, they all were shocked to discover he had stayed ten years old.

    Is Cosmo and Wanda Timmy real parents?

    Timmy Turner counts Cosmo and Wanda among his Fairy Godparents. Timmy is considered Timmy's godfather by Poof, since he was born in Season 6.

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