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    Who is Timothy DeLaGhetto wife?

    HabteTim Chantarangsu, wife of Chia HabteTim e

    What ethnicity is Chia?

    The name Chia means "finest" in Spanish, so he is Canadian (Saskatchewan) and a mix of Eritrean (dad) and Salvadorian (mom). Originally from Thailand, Tim now lives in the United States. They began dating long distance back in 2011 after meeting at a dance.

    How much does Tim DeLaGhetto make?

    A net worth of $5 million is estimated for producer Timothy DeLaGhetto, rapper, songwriter, and actor. Initially well known for his many YouTube skits, parodies, and vlog videos, as well as music and style videos, DeLaGhetto made his name producing hundreds of videos.

    How did Timothy DeLaGhetto get famous?

    In the early days of his career, Tim Chantarangsu posted videos on YouTube for his friends and friends. DeLaGhetto garnered millions of subscribers for his hip hop and comedy videos. As a high school student, Traphik was born.

    What happened to Timothy DeLaGhetto?

    In October 2018, DeLaGhetto announced on his YouTube channel that he will no longer be a cast member on Wild 'N Out after the series' 12th season concludes. A podcast hosted by DeLaGhetto on his YouTube channel and other platforms launched in 2019.

    What nationality is Timothy DeLaGhetto?

    USTim Nationality

    What is Tim Sno real name?

    Timothy DeLaGhetto (born March 6, 1986 (1986-03-06) [age 35]) is an American rapper, comedian, and videographer who formerly went by the name Traphik.

    How old is Timothy chantarangsu?

    Tim Chantarangsu / Age 35 (March 6, 1986)

    Is Timothy DeLaGhetto still married?

    Tim ChantarangsuOccupationRapper comedian actor Television/Internet personalitySpouse(s)Chia Habte ​ ( m. 2018)​Children1Musical career

    How long have Chia and Timothy been together?

    Originally from Thailand, Tim now lives in the United States. They began dating long distance back in 2011 after meeting at a dance.

    How old is Chia?

    The age of Chia Habte (January 10, 1989) is 32.

    Is Chia habte pregnant?

    In 2018, Tim and Chia married after a seven-year relationship that encompassed long distances. Chia confirmed that her and Tim are indeed expecting a child.

    Did Timothy DeLaGhetto change his name?

    Timothy DeLaGhetto will no longer be available to the public as Timothy Chantarangsu, he will use his birth name instead.

    Why did Timothy DeLaGhetto change his name?

    The name Traphik refers to my style of rap. In addition to having two separate names, it was important for me to distinguish between a comedy act and a strictly musical act because I wanted people to be able to tell when I was being funny and when I was trying to create something of real value.

    What's going to happen with Wild N Out?

    In response to Cannon's anti-Semitic remarks on his podcast, the series, a sketch comedy and improv game show, was cancelled after it had been renewed for three seasons.

    Is Wild N Out scripted?

    It was revealed one time in a Reddit thread by cast member who departed the show. There is no fake content in this series, as they confirmed. In summary, 'Wild 'N Out' has proven to be as real as a show can get. Game segments and contestant-made games are the only parts that are scripted.

    What does Chia habte do for a living?

    In the social media space, Chia has established herself as a very competent beauty specialist. As a result of her presence on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, her career has grown. In addition to her YouTube channel, she provides makeup tutorials on her blog about beauty. She shares a lot of information in her vlogs.

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