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    What did Madame danglars do?

    Danglars was the jealous junior officer of Dantès and the mastermind behind his imprisonment. He became a wealthy banker later in life. The former baroness Hermine de Nargonne (née de Servieux): she was a widow who had an affair with a married man, Gérard de Villefort. Benedetto, their illegitimate son, was their only child.

    How is danglars tricked out of all of his money?

    The Count of Monte Cristo borrows francs from Baron Danglars. Describe how Danglars' money is tricked out of him. In exchange for Dante's horses, he sells them. By the end of the book, Edmond Dantes is in a relationship with someone.

    How did danglars become rich?

    He worked in the French army's commissariat during the war with Spain, and made a fortune; using that money, he speculated on stocks, and as a result doubled or quadrupled his fortune. Millionaire Danglars has become a count, and he is now referred to as Le Comte Danglars.

    What happens to danglars in The Count of Monte Cristo?

    sells his own daughter, Eugénie, into a loveless marriage he knows he cannot love. In order to be pardoned, Danglars must repent and contend with his sins while in prison.

    What does Dantes do to danglars?

    Due to Danglars' power hungry nature, he caused dantes to lose a large amount of money for his bank (through an unlimited credit, several bills, etc.) Danglars ran away when his bank found out about his mistake in order to avoid an embarrassing situation. The way Edmond got back at Fernand is a mystery.

    Why did danglars betray Dantes?

    the Danglars rs betray Dantes? A fisherman named Fernando betrayed Dantes over Mercedes because he loved her so. He took the name Count de Morcerf after he gained fortune from military glory. In the aftermath of Monte Cristo's revelation regarding his military treason, he commits suicide.

    How was danglars punished?

    Caderousse paid a price for his greed, which the Count understood and punished. Fernand Mondego's wife Mercédès and son Albert were driven away from home by the Count in retaliation. Mercédès and Albert were asked to leave Fernand as punishment for their actions.

    How does Edmond get revenge on danglars?

    Fernand Mondego is ruined by Edmond Dantès because of his reputation, and his family turns their back on him as a result. Albert, the son of Mondego, is engaged to be married to a child of Danglars. Mondego's destruction is seen as a golden opportunity by the Count.

    How does danglars feel about Dantès?

    Hanglars is jealous of Dantes and hates him. Dantes' unfinished work and the time spent on the Isle of Elba illustrate Danglar's feelings.

    How much did Danglars make?

    Five million francs are owed by Danglars to the hospitals. It is more difficult for Danglars to admit he lacks that money than to admit that he does. An exchange receipt from the creditworthy Monte Cristo can be exchanged in Rome for five million francs.

    How does Danglars lose his money?

    After the Count wrecks Danglars, he is unable to marry his daughter Eugenie to a wealthy family, so his whole future will be ruined. The gangster Danglers has very little money left to escape Louis Vampa's predations.

    What is Danglars job in The Count of Monte Cristo?

    Danglers' role is simply to lead the ring. Those who write the denunciation and those who devise the scheme that sets the Monte Cristo saga in motion owe much to him.

    What is Danglars punishment?

    Following the response Danglars received to his letter, the news spread quickly that Fernand had betrayed his country and had helped the enemy triumph. Generally speaking, Fernand's wife and daughter were entrusted to him by the Pasha. The Count purchased them from Fernand indirectly. Mercédès and Albert were asked to leave Fernand as punishment for their actions.

    Who is Madame danglars in The Count of Monte Cristo?

    In Dantès' case, Danlars is the one who conceives of the plot against him and writes the treacherous, anonymous note that sentence him to fourteen years in prison.

    What does Monte Cristo do with danglars horses Why?

    Afterward, Monte Cristo makes a gallant gesture by returning the horses. Monte Cristo arranges for the horses' behavior to become wild during their walk near his house the next day, knowing Madame de Villefort will borrow them.

    What chapter does danglars lose his money?

    Danglars is losing a large amount of money because many creditors who had previously been reliable have defaulted on their debts. also might fall prey to the trap set by Monte Cristo disguised as Andrea Cavalcanti, Eugénie's dubious suitor.

    How does the count cause danglars to lose money?

    In his escape from jail, Caderousse remembered how much money was important to him. Consequently, the diamond was a gift from Caderousse. As a punishment, the Count confiscated all the money that Dantès left to his father on the death of his wife. Sadly, Dantès' father died from starvation due to this financial loss.

    How did the Count of Monte Cristo get his money?

    Dantés reveals Morcerf's darkest secret: he made his fortune after betraying Ali Pacha, the Greek vizier he formerly served, who he then sold into slavery with Ali Pacha's wife and daughter.

    How does Edmond become rich?

    The Abbé leaves Edmond a secret treasure that is hidden on Monte Cristo island with his dying words. As long as Edmond is in the priest's bodybag that night, he escapes from prison by exchanging himself for the mentor. In this visit as well as later visits, Edmond gains considerable wealth.

    What did Edmond Dantès do to danglars?

    Where did Edmond find evenge on Danglars? Due to Danglars' power hungry nature, he caused dantes to lose a large amount of money for his bank (through an unlimited credit, several bills, etc.) Danglars ran away when his bank found out about his mistake in order to avoid an embarrassing situation.

    How does Monte Cristo make Danglars lose 1 million francs?

    In the days following the news of Monte Cristo's death, Debray rushes to the Danglar household and tells Mr. Danglars that he must sell all his Spanish bonds to pay a debt. An amount of one million francs is lost by Danglars.

    Did the Count of Monte Cristo kill Valentine?

    Despite Valentine's death, he is alive because of Noirtier. Madame de Villefort poisons her with a toxin, and she is becoming more and more tolerant to it.

    What did the count do to Danglars?

    Danglars was resented among his peers for his great thirst for power, so the Count decided to gradually diminish Danglars' wealth as a way of repaying him. In turn, Danglars' reputation as a good banker was badly damaged.

    Why does Danglars hair turn white?

    Now that all of Count of Monte Cristo's enemies have been finally repaid, Danglars can no longer hide in fear. When he is released with a pittance of his wealth left, his hair has turned completely white.

    How much money did Monte Cristo have?

    The diamond was quoted as being worth 50,000 francs in the book. A dollar value of $54,945 would be the same.

    How much money did Edmond Dantes have?

    He explicitly mentions an asset worth of 80 million francs late in the book (I am not sure how much is in gold, jewels, and cash).

    Where did the treasure come from in the Count of Monte Cristo?

    Formerly owned by one of Italy's wealthiest families, the treasure once belonged to the Spada family. As a means of preventing a murderous, thieving pope from gaining access to the treasure, Caesar Spada hid it on the uninhabited island of Monte Cristo.

    Why did Danglars hair turn white?

    As a consequence of discovering the truth, Danglars, whose fortune is complete gone, has turned completely white in his hair.

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