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    Tom can get the treasure from the Devil if he makes the Devil a profit from the money he takes. Toby is asked by the Devil to become a slave trader, but he does not want to follow this line of work. As an alternative, Tom suggests becoming a usurer (a money lender), which the Devil accepts.

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    What happens to Tom and his money?

    As shown in "The Devil and Tom Walker," Tom's trustees are able to find no valuable possessions after he dies. His bonds and mortgages are reduced to cinders, and the gold and silver he once had are replaced by wood shavings.

    What has happened to Tom's wealth by the end of the story?

    Tom's wealth has been lost by the end of the story. As a result, by the end of the tale, his iron chest was filled with chips and skeletons, not horses, were resting in his stable. He lost his house in a fire.

    Does Tom Walker become rich?

    In his brokerage shop, he offers financial advice. Tom's life changes after he gets the money. His wealth and fame brought him great success.

    How does Tom actually become rich?

    As you can see from the story, Tom gets some money from his deal with the Devil, but he uses the money to become a usurer; this is someone who lends money at high interest rates for the purpose of receiving even more money. As a response to Tom's refusal to be involved in the slave trade, the Devil suggests this profession.

    What becomes Tom's occupation and how does he make his money?

    Tom is offered a chance to become the master of a slave ship by the devil, but he rejects it. It was common for Christians to view usurers as devil-worshipers, as they charged interest on loans. Therefore, Tom makes a deal with the devil to become a usurer.

    How does Tom finally get rich?

    George answers a call from a man named Cronshaw, who has threatened Tom with court action if he does not pay up. George saves Tom from going to jail, by settling the issue with this man. Five hundred pounds are paid by George to Cronshaw in order to settle the dispute. George gives Tom money in this way, so Tom gets money.

    What happens to Tom once he becomes rich?

    In his experience of becoming wealthy, Tom transforms into an utterly ruthless businessman who soon gains a reputation as a swindler and cheat. As a moneylender, Tom amasses an enormous fortune regardless of whether he is having an adverse effect on his soul through his greed.

    What did the devil want Tom to do with the treasure?

    Tom Walker exchanged his soul for Captain Kidd's treasure one night with the giant. That was no longer enough for the Devil. Tom will have to use the treasure for the Devil's work, he said. A slave ship and slaves to America were what Tom was asked to do.

    What did Tom do with the money?

    In the end, what does Tom ally do with the money? In his brokerage shop, he offers financial advice.

    What does money symbolize in the devil and Tom Walker?

    By the end of the story, the money had become chips, symbolizing that everything in life is temporary.

    What is Tom Walker's deal with the devil?

    During his meeting with the devil, Tom Walker receives a bargain: the devil will give Tom a treasure buried to his credit if Tom will trade his soul for it. However, he declines out of spite for his greedy wife. He then encounters the devil again when his wife disappears. The bargain is agreed upon this time.

    What happened to Tom's money after he disappeared?

    laments how Tom's money turns into little pieces of chips and shavings, how his horses become skeletons, and that his house is set ablaze.

    What happens to Tom and all his property in the end?

    other appened to Tom's money and things? It seemed as if every bond and mortgage had been consumed. His chest of gold and silver was filled with nothing more than shavings and chips. It was all a ghost town and his horses went to ash and his house burned down the following day.

    In what way did Tom become rich?

    Whitewashing the fence had given Tom a lot of money.

    How does money affect Tom in The Great Gatsby?

    It is no secret that Tom Buchanan comes from a wealthy family and flaunts his wealth at every opportunity. Wealth gives him an air of superiority over others, which makes him extremely arrogant. Tom considers himself above reproach and deserving of respect, even though he is utterly ignorant and shallow.

    What happens to Tom at the end of the story?

    The book ends with Tom's fate not yet known. As the devil galloped into the thunderstorm, he was thrown onto his horse by the devil.

    Does Myrtle love Tom or his money?

    Myrtle is struck and killed by Daisy, doing turns in Gatsby's yellow Rolls Royce, when she thinks she has seen Tom with another woman. Her death leaves this question open. Thus, when faced with the choice between love and money, Myrtle Wilson chose money, and her life wasn't so good.

    What happens to Tom Walker's money at the end of the story in The Devil and Tom Walker?

    At the end of the story, what happens to Tom Walker's money? ? There is an oak tree buried beneath it. In ancient times, the Devil was real and he could be bribed for money.

    What does Tom say before he is taken away?

    It is the Devil who takes me if I make a farthing!" he exclaimed. An ironic situation is illustrated by this statement. For Tom Walker is only trying to mitigate his financial gain from the man, but it's the Devil who is actually the one who does actually take the man away.

    What does Tom absolutely refuse with his money?

    The slave trade was not an option for Tom Walker. Despite the fact Tom was a good man, he made him believe that the money he gave Tom should be spent on some kind of nefarious activity. An object with low value, i.e., a reflection of the current state of the world.

    What deal did Tom make with the Devil?

    Tom Walker ends up signing a contract with the devil. He eventually sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for the pirate's treasure with the intent of using it to become a money lender in the Devil's service. Tom regrets the bargain and hopes that religious zeal will protect him.

    What happens to Tom's money when he dies?

    other appened to Tom's money and things? It seemed as if every bond and mortgage had been consumed. His chest of gold and silver was filled with nothing more than shavings and chips.

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