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  • what changes when you become rich fast?

    The first step is to sell all your crops, to fix the mines, and to blacksmith before you can unlock the mines. You should keep mining until you reach level 11 because ores like gold, ophx, amenthyst, and other gems are passed to Sam when you achieve that level. The highest level is your best option if you want to save energy since this game does not have power berries.

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    How do you get more money on harvest town?

  • The phone can be used to place orders.
  • You might try selling your garbage things (their sale doesn't give much return).
  • There's a bulletin where you can get quests.
  • Your quests section contains all sorts of quests that you can do.
  • Look for quest items in town, many of them provide coins once you complete the task.
  • How do you get money in Mineral Town?

  • There is wild grass in the forest, on the mountain tops, and along the beaches.
  • A plan to plant renewable crops...
  • I want to buy livestock....
  • A winter view of the Lake Mine....
  • You can bet on horse races at the Horse Race Festival...
  • Don't be afraid to befriend Huang...
  • Huang should be able to buy Van's favorite items from Van.
  • What is the fastest way to make money in Harvest Moon?

  • It is one of the most common questions based on making money quickly in the early stages of the game.
  • There are two wild grasses on the ship.
  • The three best casino prizes to sell.
  • Reload from the Excavation Site after saving/saving.
  • Selling fish to Van is a good way to earn money.
  • How do you get rich in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

  • Make sure your tools are up to date.
  • I like it when you go fishing.
  • Grab A Basket 10...
  • The 11 Smartest Decisions You Can Make With Livestock...
  • The Nature Sprites are what you want to use.
  • It is important to choose your crops wisely...
  • Variation is the key to success.
  • Find valuables around town. You will find many valuable items in just about anywhere...
  • How do you get money in story of seasons mineral town?

    In Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, here are some tips on making money fast. The most effective ways to make money early on in the game are farming and fishing. Choosing to make money by fishing is probably easier if time is on your side. Other than this, a good bet would be to place a bet on the horse races in the first season.

    Is Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town worth it?

    Unlike some video games that rely on repetition for art, This game leans on casual ebb and flow in a manner that will satisfy players who feel in-sync with it. Those who love the Story of Seasons franchise as well as life-simulation games geared towards farming will enjoy Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.

    How do you get the most money in Harvest Moon One World?

    Earning money with Edelweiss Seeds is one of my favorite things to do. It is quite far from Lebkuchen and the farm and teleporter, so you will have to go on a little exploratory trip before connecting. As soon as you get your hands on the seeds to grow these, you will be rewarded. In addition, 1000G will be spent on seeds, and 1,200G will be spent on plants.

    How do you get prosperity in harvest town?

    Orders are the main source of prosperity. Among the many sources for prosperity, buildings, quests, building upgrades, and cooking all contribute to it. The star at top left or going to the menu and clicking "manor" will let you know how much more you need before you can move on.

    How do you get chests in harvest town?

    The Blueprint of Chest can be found in the quest line "Pay a Visit," where the quest line task called "craft a chest" is found. As soon as you start the game, you will be able to get a chest.

    How do you level up fast in harvest town?

    You should approach and complete quests displayed at the top right corner of Harvest Town so you can become familiar with the way things work. To get the full story behind what the quest is about, simply tap on the Quest bar. Some quests will require you to go to a specific location in town or shop in a particular store.

    How do I sell to Huang mineral town?

    you sell to Huang, go to his orange-box counter and hold the item in your hands while talking with him. Upon accepting the offer (and selling your item), you can keep the item, or reject the offer (and refusing to sell it). An offered price will be selected at random from a range of determined prices.

    how to become rich in harvest moonn?

    A common question is how to make fast money at the beginning of a game. Here are some tips. There are two wild grasses on the ship. The three best casino prizes to sell. Taking valuable time at the excavation site will allow you to save and reload.

    Can you marry the Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

    Marriageable characters include the Harvest Goddess and Gorgan, King of the Underworld, in the Divine Marriageable Characters Pack. There are three dollars in it. With Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition's Divine Marriageable Characters Pack, both characters will be able to participate in Romance and Marriage Events.

    Are there any cheats for harvest town?

    Cheats Description
    779a1ca3d2c0 Redeem it to get x5 Optional Material Pack, x10 Diamond
    769a1b9af4a8 Redeem it to get the reward
    759a1db045f0 Redeem it to get x5000 Coin, x3 ATK Potion, x3 DEF Potion, x3 Life Potion

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