how to become rich in sims 4?


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    Interstellar smuggler (Astronaut path) – 14,868 Simoleons per week is the most lucrative of all the jobs in The Sims 4. – 12,875 Simoleons per week as triple agent (secret agent path).

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    What is the best job in the Sims 4?

  • Sims 4 has several fun career paths. Here are some of the best: Scientist. This career path offers plenty of fun perks and fun toys.
  • The Gardener is a 2nd grader...
  • The third person is a writer.
  • I will discuss Business 4...
  • I am a fifth Astronaut.
  • The 6th person was a painter...
  • I would give you seven criminals.
  • I am taking 8 classes in cooking...
  • How do you get rich fast in Sims 4?

    The Sims 4 has two ways to make money fast: Through your Sim's career ladder or through cheating. The only way to get there, though, is with sheer hard work and a relentless commitment to whatever chosen income source you have chosen.

    What is the easiest career in Sims 4?

  • I am a tech guru and an eSports gamer.
  • The chef is in charge of the kitchen.
  • The master of the real is a painter.
  • What is the highest paying job in Sims 4?

  • The Astronaut path can earn 14,868 Simoleons per week as an interstellar smuggler.
  • - 12.875 Simoleons a week if you are triple agent (secret agent path).
  • In the criminal path, you'll earn 12,460 Simoleons each week as a boss.
  • What is the hardest career in Sims 4?

  • I am a journalist who writes.
  • A cook who is also a mixologist.
  • A business owner who is also an investor.
  • Which career is better in Sims 4?

    As a writer. In The Sims 4, players have the option of choosing the writer career path, which is one of the most powerful options. Aside from the fact that the author occupation contributes the highest amount of income in the game, it is also tied beautifully into the game's mechanics for writing books.

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