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    How do you build a strong economy in Medieval Total War 2?

  • Do not build an army that is too large.
  • It's decided that they will train military personnel...
  • You should focus on building economic strength in the rest of your towns...
  • There should be a town hall / council hall in every town....
  • Tax should always be set as high as possible at the start...
  • Your castle count should be kept to a minimum.
  • How do you make money in Medieval Total War?

    These can be done in generals, church buildings, town halls, and farms. Next, build ports, markets, farms, and mines in all of your cities and consider converting some castles into towns, ll of your cities, and consider converting some castles that are well protected into cities, since castles are best at making soldiers, not florins.

    How does the Three Kingdoms make money?

  • Your commanderies can be upgraded to earn money, so the easiest way to do that is by upgrading your buildings.
  • Settlements are being looted.
  • The administrators & the assignments.
  • You are the commander of your army...
  • It is good to have diplomacy...
  • Vassals are the rulers of their lands.
  • How do you enter cheats in Medieval 2 Total War?

    While on the campaign map, press *,* to bring up the cheat console. You can find the console button under ESC, and to the left of 1. If your keyboard does not have the English key, you will likely find it under 1.

    How do you make money in total war Attila?

    Raids on settlements and regions or ransoms for captured soldiers are ways to make money in war. The first step to raiding a settlement is to conquer it. The amount of coins you get will vary based on the wealth of the settlement and the order you are given.

    How do you increase income in Rome Total War 2?

    The faction-wide happiness rate should be increased and taxes should be raised. Additionally, owners of whole provinces have been ordered to increase their incomes. Don't forget to specialize by province. In smaller provinces, where there are two to three settlements, food production should be the primary focus, while in larger provinces, multiple money-generating buildings should be built.

    How do merchants work in Medieval 2?

    In the game of Warhammer, the Merchant is mainly used to trade resources. Increasing earnings from settlement trade is a benefit to merchants. Resources are earned more by merchants who are skilled in Finance. It is possible for merchants to remove merchants from the opposing faction in exchange for some money and increasing their Finance proficiency.

    How do the Three Kingdoms make money?

    Upgrades of your commandies will earn you money in Total War: Three Kingdoms. By looking at the Treasury tab, you should be able to determine where your money is coming from. You may be able to increase your income in that area by making improvements to your buildings.

    How many three kingdoms turn in a year?

    Total War: Three Kingdoms normally progresses through a year after five turns, but by adding this mod, it moves faster. down the game to this level will allow you to maximize your upgrade tree, and each season will last for two turns.

    How many settlements are there in the Three Kingdoms?

    Three thousand is home to 180 settlements.

    How do you reduce squalor in Medieval 2 Total War?

    The squalor that surrounds our cities will never be eliminated completely; it's a by-product of urbanization. You can use the skills of family members who have a particular interest in governance. In my opinion, I prefer to let the city rebel and then crush it, which will kill most of the population (just remember to exterminate them when retaking the city).

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