secret book on how to become rich?


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  • when you become rich you become more of what you are?

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    What book did Rhonda Byrne's daughter give her?

    A series of traumatic events in Rhonda Byrne's personal and professional life led her to discover a great secret about the universe, a law that governs us all. During the last holiday season, Rhonda's daughter brought her a copy of Wallace D. Wattles' 1910 book, The Science of Getting Rich. There are battles.

    What book is the 100 year old secret based on?

    A Science of Getting Rich: the Book That Inspired the Secret by Wallace D. Cohan.

    What is the secret to become rich?

    Identify your own values and priorities. I have known people who have made money, but I've never known anyone who has become wealthy without considering their own values and priorities. Put pen to paper and make a list of things you value, things you believe in, things you want, and things you intend to do with this incredible life you're living.

    What book is the secret based on?

    Hardcover edition
    Author Rhonda Byrne
    Followed by The Power

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