Do Cottage Food Business Owners Require Licensing In Texas?


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Do Cottage Food Business Owners Require Licensing In Texas?

In Texas, you do not need a permit from the local health department to start a home-based food business. Cottage food businesses are regulated by the state, which allows you to only sell food from the following locations: directly from your home or office. Customers can receive their orders directly from the company.

How Do I Start A Cottage Food Business In Texas?

  • You should read the cottage food law’s basic rules.
  • Pick your product(s) and make sure you get the best price.
  • You must obtain your Texas Food Handler’s Certification.
  • You must create your own food labels legally required.
  • A business plan is a very important step.
  • Can You Sell Food In Texas Without A License?

    According to Texas Cottage Food Law, individuals who make food in their homes can sell certain foods without obtaining a food manufacturer’s license, using a commercial kitchen, or having to go through inspections by the state.

    What Is Considered Cottage Food In Texas?

    According to Texas Cottage Food Law, a home-based business may sell foods prepared in residential kitchens only if its gross sales do not exceed $50,000.

    What Can I Sell Under Texas Cottage Law?

  • Cakes, cookies, breads, and pastries that do not require refrigeration.
  • Pretzels dipped in chocolate, chocolate, etc. are examples of candy.
  • Nuts coated in coatings and uncoated in coatings.
  • Nut butters that are unroasted.
  • A fruit butter. A fruit butter.
  • Jelly and canned jams.
  • Pies made with fruit.
  • How Much Is A Food Permit In Texas?

    Gross Annual Volume of Food Sales

    Permitting Fee

    $0 – $49,999.99


    $50,000 – $149,999.99


    $150,000 or more


    What Kind Of License Do I Need To Become A Food Vendor In Texas?

    Health permits for Texas residents. If you want to operate a food business in Texas, you must obtain a health permit. Getting a local health permit exempts you from having to obtain a state-issued health permit if you operate your business in the city or county where the permit is required.

    What Is Cottage Food Products?

    Food that is served at room temperature as cottage food is not potentially hazardous, as it is unlikely to cause harmful bacteria or other toxic microorganisms to grow.

    Which Food Cannot Be Sold Under The Cottage Food Law?

    Food that cannot be refrigerated must not be consumed. In addition to cheesecake, kombucha, kefir, any beverage, hot meals, pizza, casseroles, tacos, beef jerky, tamales, flan, pumpkin pie, cream pies, meringue pies, ice cream, and popsicles, there are some specific foods that are not allowed.

    What Foods Can You Sell From Home In Texas?

    Texans can now legally create and sell candy, coated and uncoated nuts, fruit butters, cereal, dried fruits and vegetables, vinegar, pickles, mustard, roasted coffee and popcorn.

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