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The year 2009 marked a career change for me. At the same time, I relocated back to Europe after switching careers from hospitality to event management. As eager as I was to start a new career in a different field, I also desired to start my own business, as I would be able to do it in my free time and manage it from anywhere (in the event I decided to move somewhere else in the future). As a result, the question still Do you have any suggestions for me? I had to develop an enormous amount of expertise in composing essays on how to apply for jobs after having lived in Austria, England, Canada, Malaysia, and the United States. There was an idea that struck me I would offer a personalized CV writing service! I am sharing this story because I still have friends asking me for CV and resume writing advice. A friend reached out to me just this morning, and I shared with him what I told him today.

New things

Unlike a decade ago, a CV/resume today is very different than it used to be. Having watched the changes in many industries first hand as a 20-year-old, I understand the importance of diversity. Below are a few highlights of the most recent updates Keeping your personal information brief is best. Skip your address, family details, and marital status. It just occupies our time and space. In the U.S., it is illegal. Under no circumstances may an applicant be asked for his or her ethnicity, race, origin, or Your name, current place of residence (optional), your objective, and your website are all important. Affect your portfolio with information about your competencies. Can you tell me what skills you have Are you strong in any particular area? 

Languages, Marketing, Sales, etc.) and sort them according to relevance to your job search. Specific details regarding professional experience should be provided. It is extremely likely that you will find value for the new job in your previous employment history, unless you are considering a major change. Don’t lose sight of what matters for your job in the future. By doing so, you will be more likely to be You may also display other interests and hobbies that are not related to your job. In addition to hiring based on experience, companies increasingly hire based on personality. Put out your best foot forward and get recognized for your superb blog posts, your volunteer community work, and networking events you organize. Don’t be afraid to inject a little personality into this process. In the modern era, CVs are no longer black and white and are usually two pages long. Try changing the design, adding a cover page, showcasing your projects with images and text, and writing an “about me”

Why Your CV MUST Impress

Y’all remember when I was registering my little CV writing service? I named it “the first impression counts” because it should do exactly what I said it would — create a (possibly great) first impression and get you an HR departments have an overwhelming number of job applicants to review, so it can be hard for hiring managers to look There is a period of time that they take to determine whether you advance to the next round, or move it to the trash bin. They usually take around 2.5 seconds. A CV must set you apart from others if you want to be taken seriously. It may be appealing to some companies to use traditional formats. A great platform for creating a CV in minutes is CV Maker. You can find some pretty amazing examples on CV Parade if you want to get creative. Both Visualize Me and ResumUP allow you to display your information in charts and graphs to enhance the visual aspect of the resume. In addition, you might have heard about sites which allow you to create a portfolio of your work, such as Zerply, Carbonmade, It is a bad idea to maintain your portfolio just online you must also maintain a personal website. I made mine with Flavors.me, and you are welcome to check it out Melissa Haselmayr, Inc. An individual website is the best way to bind together all of your online profiles. Your portfolio, your blog, your social media accounts, your photostreams, and everything else you want to share with the world can be put all on one site. Apps for job seekers are used for all of these purposes. Those are the functions they are designed to perform, that is what is most commonly used, and that is what will eventually become the mainstream.

Think Outside the Job-Seeker-Apps Box

If you don’t see how many other candidates you are up against, how good they are, or what tricks they are up to, you have no idea how competitive the field is. The only thing you can do is prepare to impress, and here is where being unique and interesting will give you the competitive edge. Listed below are some innovative ideas to make your next job application stand out

Idea #1: The Design-Inspired CV

This is a great choice Those who pay attention to detail and enjoy the finer elements of design If you must include some parts of your CV that are related to design, why not make it a decorative work? You can create incredible infographics by using Visual.ly, a free service that helps create infographics from your background, experience, and skills. You can merge your portfolio with your future job by participating in this high-level competition! Are you looking for a job at Take the car theme and give it a creative spin!

This is the best if you A web app that does amazing things to tell stories, Storify is an app for applicants with an online portfolio or press coverage to share. Using the tool, you can pull content from any website and use it to create a story, which you can then save as a page for sharing. It is a great tool for those who work online and need to share content with the press, clients and colleagues. When you break your story down into sections, you can give it a sense of order.

This is the best if you Everyone – this one works for any job or industry whereas Storify relies on existing online content, Prezi doesn’t. There are many advantages to using Prezi over Powerpoint, but it is not identical to the latter. On a big canvas, you can arrange everything you need, and then zoom in, so that you can analyze specific parts and details. Moreover, it allows you to create a video with your canvas, not only moving from spot to spot as you choose, but also allowing you to record your speech, so that the presentation is audio-visual as well.

Idea #4: When Development Matters, Use a Timeline

This is the best if you A person who wishes to demonstrate progress or development over time Often, you will be asked to explain how you got to the point you are at now and what the individual steps were along the way. If this applies to you, you should consider using Tiki Toki when you apply to a job. Use images, text, and video to tell your story, and use your timeline to let readers follow along as you tell it.

This product is best suited to Everyone – you may have to be a little more creative and focus on the passion you have for your employer’s business. This is my favorite idea. Your employer will be looking for your interest and commitment. Your attention to detail in your application will get you your next position before you’ve even stepped into an interview, simply because of the time and effort you are putting into it. It is as simple as that You could make your resume, application, or resume using the goods/services of the company. This occurs more easily with apps and digital products, but there are plenty of ways to go about this for any organization, no matter what To be creative, you just have to think outside the box.

You will need to work hard for your success — but you can find ways to increase your chances of being the #1 candidate in every job application. As long as there isn’t a magic formula, you’ll have to study up on your success.


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