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If you’re looking for a new job, one of the biggest challenges is knowing where to start, how to keep organized, and what to do each step of the way. Here is an article that explains how you can maximize your chance of landing your dream job with a helpful structure and approach.

Identify your job goals—and share them with your network

Create a document outlining what is most important to you in your next job and think critically about what you are looking for. The key elements are as follows Prepare a list of company names, industries, and job titles you hope to target. You should identify what is most important to you in your next position. Your list of must-haves should include the following The location, industry, salary, and health insurance, as well as the amount of time off? It is important to recognize situations where you are willing to compromise on certain aspects, knowing that in such a competitive market, some things may need to be forgone.

Please share this document widely with your network once it has been completed. Your close friends, family members, former coworkers, and other people who may be able to help you on your job search should receive an email containing this statement. If people do not have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, they cannot help you. Get in touch with companies that fit this description to see if they hire — or, perhaps most importantly, if they can refer you. In the Resource Section at the end of this article, you will find an example of a “Job Search Goals” list, compiled for the purpose of finding an event planning position.

Organizing your job search

A job search that works is built on several things, including building a schedule that allows you to strike a balance between looking for a job and taking care of yourself. For this process to work, it is crucial to stay organized. Creating your own version of this sample Job Search Spreadsheet is an excellent way to get started. Track the roles you are interested in, the references you have, who it is you are talking to at each place, any pending action items whatsoever. Having the information you need in one place, rather than trying to sort through multiple emails, is much more efficient. My Job Search Weekly Plan template gives you a mix of searching for jobs in online job boards with different, but equally important job-search tactics, such as networking with friends and acquaintances. Once you’ve established your plan, schedule recurring events at specific times to be sure you stay dedicated. The following is an example Google Calendar that you can modify to reflect your job search. Make it your weekly goal to have live conversations with people on Connect with people in your network and outside of your network so that you can get advice, as well as find out where they are connected and whether they can offer assistance. You should prepare for interviews even if they believe you haven’t been scheduled, especially if you have to go through a technical interview. When you get an interview scheduled within a short timeline, it relieves you of the pressure. Identify possible interview questions and prepare answers. You can determine where you need to improve your interviewing skills by conducting mock interviews, recording them, and listening to how you answered.

Finding and applying for the jobs you want

When looking for jobs online and clicking the “apply” button, the old method is often ineffective. It is very demoralizing to look at LinkedIn and see hundreds of people applying for the same position. Make use of your own network as much as possible Find any jobs you’re interested in applying for by using Google’s job search tool. You can get job listings from every job board on the internet if you use Google. Look up job postings, for example, by typing in “Events Manager Jobs in San Francisco” and it will gather postings from LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. Once you find a job you want to apply for, use the network to make your application stand out. LinkedIn is a good resource for finding You can find all the employees of a company by going to LinkedIn, clicking on the “See all X number of employees who work here,” and filtering by your relationships with your first and second degrees. LinkedIn Premium is required to do this, as without it, only the first few people at the company will be shown, and you will get a message saying, “You must upgrade to premium to view the rest of the list.” If you have friends or family at the company, you can How to request introductions can be found in the next section of this article. Use groups like Albert’s List on Facebook to get job referrals and to connect with a Job Search Mentor, which is a great way to boost your job search.

Asking for an introduction to a company connection

A warm introduction with someone at the company you are interested in is essential for an effective job search. As a general guideline, here are a few tips if you are You should always include a link to the job description in your email request for an introduction to your contact. Before sending a resume, wait for a response (except if you know the person well and are confident that they will accept yours). It won’t last if you don’t take action if it’s a job that you really want. Whenever possible, it’s okay to ask more than one person for an introduction and take the person who answers first. Of course, it goes without saying that you should always be willing to return the favor.

Browsing jobs (60 min. every other day)

Google’s job search feature allows you to browse jobs. Your “Job Search Spreadsheet” should contain all jobs that match your search criteria. Albert’s List on Facebook has jobs for you to look at. Make use of LinkedIn to look up people you know there and reach out to them for introductions.

Company searching (60 min. every other day)

Create a list of companies your friends work for or with which they have close connections. Take a look at the company website and see what currently available positions they have, and add them to your list if you’re interested. Make a list of companies you are most interested in and start reading about them.

Applying for jobs (on demand)

Prepare a resume tailored to the positions you are applying to. Make sure your cover letters are written well. (Last resort) Fill out the online application

Networking (30 min., 2x per week)

The goal is Make a point to interact with at least two people per week (1 friend + 1 stranger). Contact friends and get their opinions on jobs and their company for 30 minutes. The average is once a Connect with people who are in the field you are interested in at companies that you are interested in using LinkedIn.

Check in with your accountability buddy (weekly or every other week)

Ensure that you are held accountable by someone you trust. Describe to a friend what you’ve been doing for your job search the last few weeks once a week for 30 minutes.

Interview prep/interviewing (60 min. per week, even when an interview is not scheduled)

You can have a friend conduct a mock interview for you. Provide thorough answers to all the most frequently asked questions, including “Tell me about your background,” “Why have you chosen this company?” and “What made you want to work for it?”. Perform a thorough review of the company online. The company’s website (including any case studies from customers), Glassdoor, the LinkedIn company page, and TechCrunch should be reviewed Try to find out more about the company using Google Observe YouTube videos made by the company’s CEO or the company itself If you can, try to speak to a customer.


In the midst of a pandemic it is especially difficult to keep looking for a job, but I hope by taking advantage of some of these tools and adding strategy to the search, you will feel like you are In addition to small, but attainable weekly goals, putting time aside on your schedule to track your activity, using your network for introductions and practice interviews, and scheduling time for activities like hobbies or exercise, you can keep yourself motivated as you interview and seek a job. The most effective way to maximize the chances of landing a new job is to have a solid and effective job search strategy. If you incorporate the solutions and tools suggested in this article, you will find that your job search will be more successful. We wish you all the best!


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