How To Look Up A Business License In Washington State?


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How To Look Up A Business License In Washington State?

The Secretary of State’s website can be used to locate a business entity (Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership) in Washington. You can also use the UBI number to find the name or address. As you can see in the following example, the database will match all matching and related listings on the Results Page (as seen below) if you use the Name option.

How Do I Find My Washington State Business License Number?

The WA SOS will send you your UBI number if you file by mail. The UBI number can be found on the upper right of your formation document. The online Washington Corporations Search can help you find your company if you misplace your UBI in the future.

How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Business In Washington State?

If you search the Secretary of State website of the state or territory where a corporation is registered, you can find information about any corporation or business entity in Washington or another state.

How Can I Get My UBI Number?

You can apply for a UBI number online or print an application form at the Washington State Business Licensing Service. You can also apply for a temporary UBI number if your business qualifies. The Washington State Department of Revenue provides more information.

How Do I Get A Copy Of My Washington State Business License?

You can order copies of your Business License (BLA) from the Department of Revenue at dor. You can reach 360-705-6741 by visiting gov or by calling the 360-705-6741.

What Is SOS WA Gov?

The Office of Secretary of State can always verify the filing status of businesses and charities in Washington by visiting their website. The Corporation Commission website is As well as managing the State Archives and the State Library, the office also manages Legacy Washington, a project that documents extraordinary stories in Washington’s history.

How Do I Reserve A Business Name In Washington State?

A Name Reservation can be filed with the Washington Secretary of State for 180 days to reserve a name. Mail is required for reservations. If you do business in the real world, you do not need to use the LLC’s official legal name registered in your Certificate of Formation.

What Is A Certificate Of Existence In Washington State?

The Washington Certificate of Existence is a document that shows that your Washington business is active and complies with the Washington Secretary of State’s annual reporting requirements.

How Do I Find A Business Ubi?

If you filed by mail, you will find your UBI number on the upper right of your formation document, which you will receive from the WA SOS. The online Washington Corporations Search can help you find your company if you misplace your UBI in the future.

How Do I Find Articles Of Incorporation In Washington State?

The only thing you need to do is search for the UBI number, select the entity from the search results, and then click the Filing History button at the bottom of the page to see the filing history. Our office has access to all documents filed by that entity from there.

Is A UBI Number Free?

A UBI fee of $15 is charged for each additional trade name, plus an additional $5 for each additional trade name. A single business will be identified by the UBI of each of the various agencies in Washington State.

What Does A UBI Number Look Like?

In Washington State, you can register with several state agencies and do business with them using a UBI number. UBI numbers are sometimes called tax registration numbers, business registration numbers, or business license numbers.

How Do I Find My 16 Digit UBI Number?

You can find your UBI by looking at your LLC certificate (if you have one), your state business license, or your city license. The DOR can also be used to find your business.

Is UBI Number Same As EIN Number?

Employers are assigned state tax identification numbers and federal employer identification numbers, but companies with no employees can also obtain EINs. Unrelated business income is referred to as UBI.

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