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You want to improve your short-term memory, don’t you? Would you like to remember names, faces, details, anything? Is it important to remember all that stuff more reliably and Would you like to stop not being able to remember the names of people you met five minutes ago? (Or, if you’re like me, do you just want to stop feeling embarrassed? This is such a difficult task for me.) If so, you might benefit from taking supplements intended to help If you drink coffee, you will be able to consolidate your memory. Improving your cognitive flexibility could be accomplished through exercise. In order to become better at recalling memories, you might want to meditate. Alternatively, you can listen to Nelson Dellis, a four-time champion of the USA Memory Championship, the United States’ top memory test. Currently, Nelson holds the record for memorizing the faces of 117 people in 20 minutes, as well as the names of their first and last names. I asked Nelson for a strategy that would help anyone (even me) If you’d like to undertake this challenge before diving in, you can take the Extreme Memory Challenge, an online memory test that helps provide data in a broader effort to find a cure for It’s kind of fun to take part in the Extreme Memory Challenge. I find the experience to be You’ll be eager to improve your memory because you’ll feel that you’ve improved. Here’s what we’re going to do let’s get started. Let’s get to know

Five Steps to Memorize a Deck of Cards

You may think memorizing a deck of cards is the most daunting of all tasks, but in fact, it’s fairly In only 20 seconds, the world record can be beaten (seriously, 20 seconds! ), with proper technique and a little practice, I will have you down to less than one minute.

1. Start With Face Cards

The first time you try to memorize 52 cards in a row, it might seem unattainable. The biggest enemy of memory is a lack of confidence-and the first time you try, you think you can’t. It’s for this reason that we will ease into the process. Taking the face cards out of the deck, do the following Each of the four suits has its Jack, Queen, and King The cards are 12 in number. memorize those 12 components adequately (by following the next few steps), you can increase your memory to half a deck and then to the full Setting realistic and snack-sized goals is of the utmost importance so that you do not end up quitting before you even start. There has never been anyone who memorized a deck of cards in under 60 seconds the first time around. Putting in a bit of elbow grease is needed!

2. Person // Action // Object

As I stated in step 1, 52 cards sounds impossible. Is there a way to reduce that to 20? By chunking. If we can group three or more cards into a single item (a term psychologists use for grouping information into smaller pieces), you have suddenly reduced 52 things you must memorize to 17 (plus one leftover card, but that doesn’t matter either). Identifying some Personal Actions and Objects (PAOs) What are they? Observe how it works It gives our brain a chance to do something it is particularly The visualization process. Seeing pictures of things that mean something is easier to remember than something abstract (such as a card with a suit and number). Let’s begin by looking at the 12 face cards you have set aside and explaining to whom they belong. you notice in the card, let it guide your actions. My favorite King of Clubs, for example, is Tiger Woods, as Tiger is called the king of clubs. Accordingly, my favorite King of Hearts is my dad, as hearts makes me think of my family, and he is our family king. Donald Trump probably owns a crap-ton of diamonds, since King of Diamonds makes me think of him.

chosen your participants, decide on the action and the object for each of them. The idea should be something that makes sense to that person, something that makes no sense unless you have to memorize it as well. As an example, Tiger Woods plays golf, his action is to use a golf club, and his object is the After having done that, the idea behind PAO is that you always treat the first card in a row as Person, the second as Action, and the third as Object. This leads to super weird combos and lets you gather three cards into one memorable image at the same time. In every case, it’s the same formula Objects are depicted in the three cards as well as a person doing an action with them. That makes the three cards into

3. Use a Memory Palace

Okay, so we can deduce something from the cards. So what do we do next? There must be a place where they can be saved after they are memorized. There are a lot of places you walk by every day, so why not use those places From your office to the local Starbucks, your home is the perfect place to relax. In addition to remembering spatial information, our brains are very good at memorizing images. To make sure you are depositing those images in your brain, imagine yourself walking through a place you are familiar with and memorizing cards When you are ready to recall them, just imagine yourself walking in that place again, picking up the images along the way and translating them into cards as you go. Here we are! You wouldn’t believe how well it works, but believe me, it does. They all use this technique to enhance their memory. 

. I’ll start with the first three cards, which are the King of Clubs, the King of Hearts, and the Queen of Clubs. To me, that Signing (Action) a Chihuahua (Object) by Tiger Woods (Person). When I look at my house as a memory palace, there is Tiger Woods signing the back of a yipping Chihuahua as he holds a big pen. As you move on to the next three cards, place them just inside the doorway, then the next three cards in the kitchen (or any room

4. Expand to the Rest of the Deck

If you have mastered memorizing just the faces of the cards, the next step is to figure out the PAOs for the rest of the deck, including Face cards had fairly intuitive ways of creating images, but numbers were a little more difficult. We will have to develop a system to do this. The first thing you need to do is look through the deck and see if there are any obvious cards. I choose to refer to Ramona as the 4 of Hearts, as that is my dog.

I love her because she has four legs, and I made it for Ace of Diamonds, so I am doing the same thing for that.) Basically, I am. What’s the point? I am a Diamond in the rough and an Ace. perhaps not, but I’m pretty special if I can legally claim one of the Aces, right?) As for the rest of the cards, there are lots of formal systems, but I like one I’ve been taught A Dominic System number or character, then, becomes a set of letters that are represented by the initials of that character or person.


Let’s work through an example.

Here’s the system:

1 = A

2 = B

3 = C

4 = D

5 = E

6 = S

7 = G

8 = H

9 = N

0 = O

?Clubs = C

?Diamonds = D

?Spades = S

?Hearts = H


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