Illuminati Hand Signs



The fact that people are quite strange has been established for thousands of years. Humans have a penchant for the bizarre that we become more and more unaware of as we believe their behavior is becoming more normalized. In this regard, I feel compelled to protect you from certain gestures you might not be able to successfully play to the multiple audiences you need to please. The thought of being in control of your body makes you feel good. Despite your apparent normal behavior, you continue to feel depressed. You might think you know what others think, but do you really? Let’s take a look at a seemingly innocent gesture, for instance. You might even come out of them There are also times when they communicate things you do not want to hear. Therefore, these are a few things you should keep in mind the next time you watch your own (I know you do it, admit it.) Obviously, these are all examples of different ways to conduct a study.

1. The Innocent Hands-At-Rest Thing That Says You’re A Member Of The Illuminati.

All my pondering stemmed from this point. There are some observers who look at photos of British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and conclude that they are bringing their fingers together in a peculiar manner, resembling an odd shape. In other words, they are sending a signal that they are members of the Everything here could just be a bunch of Even so, it shows you how some people can see a lot of things you don’t want them to.

2. Tugging At, Touching Or Adjusting Your Clothes.

There is an opinion that this gesture is nervous. This can certainly be the case. Though it might appear to some as the speaker bringing attention to themselves, I suspect some would not see it that way. My experience has been that many times during meetings and presentations the speaker touches their clothing, strokes it, pinches it, adjusts something, or makes some other contact with it. The way they are speaking to me seems to be subconsciously telling me ‘Hey, don’t you know it’s Prada?” “What? It’s Prada?”

3. The Hand Mimicking The Words On A PowerPoint Or A Teleprompter.

It wasn’t until I saw Donald Trump do something odd during his reception speech at the Republican Convention that I came to realize what this was. Mr. Trump prefers to use his right hand over his His freedom was restricted for the first time in his life. In this speech, his most favorite hand gesture was the circle with your thumb and forefinger and three fingers raised in the air. And yet here he was moving his hand to the rhythm of the words on the teleprompter so frequently that it appeared as if the hand was speaking My view of this is that it is not This is especially true if you move your hand from left to right as you read the words right to left, like I saw Trump do.

4. The Circle With Your Thumb And Forefinger And Three Fingers In The Air.

There are times when we use this to emphasize certain points in the USA Having a positive mentality, we also think of this as meaning “OK.”. In local cultures, such as Germany, Russia and Brazil, this gesture has entirely different meanings. A-hole does indeed mean a hole in the head. If you think this type of gesture is OK, please be careful in saying so. They may think rather the opposite in some countries.

5. The Hook-Em Horns Gesture.

Surely you’ve heard about this one before. There is a little finger and a forefinger in the air, while the other three are In the US, this is commonly used to denote such things as “Yeah!” and “This Rocks!” as well as “Go Texas Longhorns!” A few business leaders would like to use this joke because, you know, it’s kid-friendly. We ask that you exercise caution. There are many countries in the world in which people use this as a way to communicate that their significant other has been unfaithful. What really doesn’t rock at all is this.

6. The Nose Wipe.

Your next response will basically be, “this is a nervous tic.”. Your silence will be broken by the comment that the speaker’s nose is itchy because the air is dry in the room. There may be some truth to this every once in a while. Today, however, there’s more to a nose wipe than what it used to be. I am especially wary of individuals who want to appear to be hard-driving, unrelenting, and dynamic for the sake My first reaction when I see someone regularly doing this is not to think that the person has a nervous problem, but that their problem may be the same as the one of the


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