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It is hard to decide what makes a person smart based on a variety of opinions. Those who judge from a place of intense intelligence and correspondingly oversize results gain more credibility in my opinion. I’d like to present to you one’s opinion of Jeff Bezos (which my colleague Jessica Stillman offered a unique perspective A visit by the founder and CEO of Amazon was made to the HQ of Basecamp (the maker of an accountability and communications app). As part of an open Q&A, he discussed what he considered to be the best qualities of smart As Bezos said that the smartest individuals, the ones who get things right most of the time, are also the ones to be What the heck?

Jeff Bezos thinks consistency of thought is a bad thing

It is fascinating how most people who end up being right a lot end up changing their minds as they approach the Their ability to do so is due to familiarity with new information, to reviewing their understanding and knowledge, to finding holes in their own proposed solutions, and to remaining open to new ideas and contradictions as well as to those who challenge their viewpoints. Despite their well-defined point of view, they do not view it as permanent, but rather as temporary. Consequently, he went on to say that in today’s accelerated pace of change, it is perfectly acceptable to have a new idea that is at war with your previous thought. A lot of the people who are just plain wrong a lot (and not wrong on the path to becoming right) are people who focus on details that only reinforce their point of view and can’t/will not step back from the details to see the bigger picture from multiple perspectives. It is a quality I have seen in some of the most successful leaders I’ve worked for. When they made the decision, they were decisive. The decision-making process is carefully outlined, and they carefully explain the conditions for revisiting a decision. Next, we will discuss the topic of communication.

Be careful about taking Bezos’s intriguing thought out the window

It’s a good thing that Bezos’s Those with the highest IQs realize they aren’t always smart enough to have the right answer on the first try. However, at some point, employees need consistency and a decision that sticks from their leaders. It has happened to me that one leader would never change his mind. This is just a general statement. In the process of making his decision, he gathered data that led the team to question his decision, but because of the pain it caused, he shut down further discussion once he made his choice. In response, the team would start to worry that they were heading down the wrong path, and therefore, sought to revert the previous decision. This was a chaotic situation. Meanwhile, I also worked for a boss who bounced from one decision to the next, repeating their decision on even the slightest hint of a countering opinion. In this week’s decisions, he let the latest authoritative opinion influence his choices. He was afraid of making the wrong decision and doubted himself.

There was no order in the What was the greatest error made by which leader? As you can see, this is heading in the right direction. In a balanced approach, the solution lies somewhere in the middle, as it often does. The key to staying open minded is to be flexible and to knock your ego at the door with the hopes of reversing your previous opinion. Nevertheless, you and your team must lock in at some point in order to move forward. Here’s a simple trick I used to utilize to keep the The saying I used was an old saying that I put a twist on and shared The following is the debate for the 70th congress The following major decisions were made in Decision There is a commit To begin with, we gave ourselves a considerable amount of time to come to a decision. 70 percent of our time would be spent arguing about different points of view in an productive, respectful way, and 30 percent of our time would be spent planning how to come to In the end, after we had decided (and again, allowing for some back and forth, as explained by Bezos), we were 100% I am debating. Make a decision. Make a commitment. When that point came, we set very strict rules for what could lead to a decision being New and obvious pivotal data were the only ones that could be used this way. We had great success with the approach. This approach will work in the spirit of what Bezos meant, because people felt heard and encouraged to move forward. You can apply this approach too to get the most out of what he.


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