Implications of WTO Talks on Agricultural Domestic Support for Least Developed Countries

Date period
7 November 2017

This information note is based on a longer ICTSD study examining the implications of various negotiating options at the World Trade Organization for the group of least developed countries (LDCs). It looks at historical and projected trends in LDC production, consumption, and trade to highlight products that are important to the group; reviews key elements emerging from negotiating submissions; and assesses how these proposals could affect products of specific interest to the LDCs. It finds that measures to address product-specific support could be an important complement to new limits on overall trade-distorting support, and identifies support for cotton, sugar, and poultry as particularly important for the LDC group as a whole, alongside certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

The longer ICTSD issue paper on which this information note is based can be accessed here. A French version of the information note is also available.