EU ETS: implementation of the funding mechanisms

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12 September 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The revision for the fourth phase of EU Emissions Trading System (2021-2030) introduced a number of important changes concerning funding mechanisms in the system. Existing mechanisms – solidarity provision and 10c derogation – were updated, and new instruments – the Modernisation Fund and the Innovation Fund – have been added. Adoption of the ETS Directive was merely a first step; important questions remain to be answered in the implementation phase.


ERCST, in cooperation with Central European Energy Partners (CEEP), is preparing a paper that is intended to guide stakeholders through the complex infrastructure of funding mechanisms in the revised EU ETS. This meeting aims to discuss the findings of the paper and to provide a platform for actors from the industry, governments and NGOs to engage in a constructive dialogue about challenges and expectations for the implementation of funding mechanisms.


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