ICTSD & IETA Article 6 Business Dialogue

Glion Meeting
Organised by
16 October 2018
Glion, Switzerland

IETA and ICTSD held a joint workshop on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement in Glion, back-to-back with the Informal Dialogue on Article 6, organised by ICTSD. The workshop brought together IETA members and key UNFCCC market negotiators, presenting an unique opportunity to discuss Article 6 priorities and share private sector experiences with international carbon markets.

Participants had the opportunity to participate in a discussion on whay they view as the main issues related to Article 6.2 and 6.4. Business participants provided their views on what should be addressed at COP 24 in order for them to start exploring business opportunities related to the new emerging global carbon market under the Paris Agreement. 

This meeting also provided the opportunity to share experiences from a number of 'on-the-ground' experiences which are closely related to how Article 6 may function in the future, including the Japanese Joint Crediting Mechanism and the World Bank's Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol.