The EU's NDC after the Talanoa Dialogue

Brussels Meeting
Organised by
2 October 2018
Brussels, Belgium

ICTSD/ERCST and EUI are jointly working on a project which provides the opportunity for a public debate on the possibility of increasing the ambition of the EU climate policy in the 2030 perspective. In light of this project, a discussion paper was written outlining the various options to enhance the EU NDC and a set of criteria was developed against which these different options can be judged.

This meeting is the first of six 'Open Fora' to be held in the EU Member States, where stakeholders are given the opportunity to discuss the different options of increasing the EU NDC and the criteria to judge these options. A background paper on options and criteria to assess them will provide the input for debate.

The outputs of these Open Fora, together with the discussion paper, will be captured in a Policy Paper to be released on November 26 in Brussels, just before COP 24 in Katowice.