Climate Change and Trade on the Road to Copenhagen: Summary for Policymakers

Date period
23 May 2008

SummaryAs negotiations accelerate in the lead-up to the Copenhagen meeting in December 2009 and beyond, trade-related issues have emerged as elements of the discussions and trade-offs. Many believe that the design of an effective climate change regime will imperatively include the use of trade policy tools. What specific tools constitute first best options, whether these tools need to be incorporated into a global climate change regime and if so, how best to go about it, are questions that the relevant policy communities need to navigate. They also need to consider whether there are other ways in which trade policy and existing regimes can be made supportive of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. In addition, some of the issues within the future climate regime will have direct repercussions in the trade realm, and need to be well understood and prepared for. In order to contribute to the challenge, this paper provides information on the most salient and pressing policy linkages. It addresses issues in the climate-trade interface that are relatively well known and emerging areas that need to be further researched.