Making the Global Economy Viable for the Future: A Trade and Climate Agenda for the G20

Date period
8 May 2017

Given the enormous risks for the global economy, tackling climate change is not only an environmental imperative but also an economic one. However, the necessary low-carbon transition also represents a huge economic opportunity. The global community needs to address the climate–trade nexus to ensure that trade frameworks support the transition to a climate-friendly economy and do not undermine climate action. As a powerful forum for discussion and policy coordination that brings together the world’s major economies and emitters, the G20 is uniquely placed to do so. This paper discusses potential elements for a supportive climate–trade agenda in the context of the G20, and includes more than 20 specific options that the G20 can actively pursue for the goals they have agreed to achieve.

ICTSD gratefully acknowledges funding from the KR Foundation—Denmark for this project.