Global Value Chains and Sustainable Development Goals: What Role for Trade and Industrial Policies?

Date period
5 July 2018

Through global value chains, low-income and least developed countries can integrate into the global trading system, which offers significant opportunities for economic growth, job creation, and learning by exporting. However, participation in global value chains does not automatically result in upgrading and social and environmental sustainability. This report summarises the key findings of ICTSD’s Inclusive Economic Transformation research programme on global value chains. In a series of case studies, the programme examined tea value chains in Kenya, Nepal, and Sri Lanka; apparel and textile value chains in Ethiopia, Lesotho, and Myanmar; the fisheries value chain in Cambodia; and the business process outsourcing sector in Kenya. Analysis of these value chains reveals cross-cutting trends that form the foundation of policy recommendations to ensure value chain production is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.