Indicators for Sustainable Wild Trade: Measurement in the SDGs and beyond

19 November 2015
Geneva, Switzerland

The 2030 Agenda for development, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Addis Ababa Action Agenda, sets out commitments to the sustainable use of marine and terrestrial ecosystems and to the use of trade as means of implementation for the achievement of the broader framework.  Measuring and monitoring the sustainability of trade in wildlife and ecosystem services will require a solid set of usable indicators covering the activity’s economic, social, legal, cultural and biological aspects.


This dialogue will bring together a cross-section of experts working on trade, conservation, and sustainability to explore the indicators we have and the indicators we need to help policy-makers and practitioners ensure that any trade in wild goods and services is sustainable. The discussion will cover indicators for wild trade and the 2030 Agenda, indicators for voluntary standards for wild trade, and a concluding session that will draw the discussion together.



This session will cover the biodiversity trade related indicators under discussion in the Inter-Agency Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goals and other indicators and criteria used by governments to measure trade in biodiversity, including in the context of follow up and review of the 2030 Agenda.

This session will cover the indicators for wild trade used by the private sector in setting and meeting voluntary standards.

This session will compare the evolving public and private work on indicators for wild trade and assess their coherence.

This event is organised by ICTSD and Earthmind.  

The event will take place in the RHIN Room of International Environment House 2, 7-9 Chemin de Balexert, Geneva, Switzerland. 

A light lunch will be served from 13:00.