Advancing Multilateral Trade Negotiations on Fisheries Subsidies

Date period
5 March 2018

At the World Trade Organization’s Eleventh Ministerial Conference, ministers adopted a Decision on Fisheries Subsidies (WT/MIN(17)/64) directing negotiators to continue talks with a view to adopting an agreement by 2019, the year of the next ministerial conference. These negotiations would build on two working documents: RD/TN/RL/29/Rev.3, which sets out a vertical compilation of key proposals on the table as of fall 2017, and TN/RL/W/274/Rev.2, containing streamlined texts setting out the main options and positions on key substantive elements of the disciplines. The ministerial decision also specifically re-commits WTO members to implementing their existing notification obligations in order to strengthen transparency of the subsidies provided to fishing. This policy brief – also available in French  and Spanish  aims to provide a succinct summary of the main issues in the negotiations and to clarify the decisions facing members as they construct a comprehensive and effective agreement on fisheries subsidies.