Climate Change and Fisheries: Policy, Trade and Sustainable Development Issues

Date period
23 October 2009

Trade in fish and fishery products can play a key role in the development strategies of many developing countries. In fact, for many Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small and Vulnerable Economies (SVEs), and Small Islands Developing States (SIDS), the fisheries sector is a large source of employment and export revenue, a key dietary input and an important element of local livelihood. However, overexploitation of fish stocks, as well as climate change impacts are threatening the survival of the industry in many countries as well as millions of people that depend on it for their livelihood. Given its vital socio-economic importance, concerned countries need to rapidly develop adaptive capacities, in order to make fisheries more resilient to external shocks, while mitigating environmental challenges. This information note discusses the likely impacts of climate change on fisheries and the role of trade and trade policies in supporting adaptation and mitigation measures in fisheries.