China’s Economic Policies and Today’s Global Trade System

The Seventh Annual Meeting of Bridges China Dialogue
Organised by
28 October 2014
Geneva, Switzerland

The seventh annual Bridges China Dialogue took place in the new global context: the multilateral trading system is in a process of implementing the Bali Package and developing its post-Bali work programme; regional and mega-regional negotiations are taking an increasingly prominent role in lowering trade barriers and setting new rules; and plurilateral agreements are scaling up.

On the domestic level, China’s new leadership has launched ambitious initiatives to deepen economic reforms, combat corruption, protect the environment, advance social justice, and increase its level of opening-up and integration with the world market.

In light of these external and internal conditions, this year's dialogue provided a platform to discuss China’s economic policies and today’s global trade system.  

Founded by ICTSD, the Bridges China Dialogue is a non-partisan, interdisciplinary initiative that is committed to leveraging China’s constructive role in crafting global common future of sustainable development. The Dialogue catalyses multi-stakeholder conversations between government, corporate and opinion leaders on China, sustainability and global economic governance. The high quality of debate and the open, interactive nature of its dialogues have been a feature of the Dialogue since its establishment in 2007 in Geneva. 

*Different from previous years, this year's dialogue was a private meeting. Participation is by invitation only. If you would like to find out more about the event, please write to


This year’s dialogue is organized by ICTSD in partnership with

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Geneva Office