Trade Policy under President Trump: Implications for China and the World

Organised by
The Center for China and Globalization (CCG)
28 October 2018
Beijing, China

A Private Conversation with Hon. Rufus H. Yerxa, President of National Foreign Trade Council, Former Deputy USTR and Deputy Director General of the WTO. Under the Trump administration, the international trading order is undergoing profound changes – the United States withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, levied tariffs against its trade partners, most notably China, dismantled the North American Free Trade Agreement, and re-negotiated terms of bilateral trade with the European Union and Japan. All these developments are shaking up the world economy and global value chains, as well as the existing multilateral trading system. Please join us for a roundtable discussion featuring a dialogue between Mr. Rufus H. Yerxa, a senior US trade expert and diplomat, and a group of thought leaders on US and world trade.

Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, Chief Executive of ICTSD, and Shuaihua Cheng, Director of the Global Economic Governance Initiatives at ICTSD, are discussants.