WTO Modernisation Debate

WTO: Paths Forward
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1 October 2018

On September 14th, gathering at the G20 Trade and Investment Ministerial meeting in Mar del Plata, WTO members representing 75 percent of world trade recognised “the urgent need to discuss current events in international trade and ways to improve the WTO to face current and future challenges.”

In their joint statement, ministers agreed to encourage “all G20 Members individually and with other interested parties to continue to come forward with ideas to ensure that the WTO continues to be relevant.” Against this backdrop, ICTSD hosted an open dialogue on WTO modernisation alongside the 2018 WTO Public Forum.

The objective of the dialogue was to encourage policymakers and experts to find new paths forward to strengthen and improve the multilateral trading system, and to do so by building on the extensive work carried out by ICTSD, the E15 Initiative, and many others in recent years. As one of a series of activities, this dialogue followed an format that encouraged an active exchange of ideas to address both current trade tensions and long-term systemic challenges.

The Chatham House rule applied to this dialogue to encourage open and frank discussions.

Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, Chief Executive of ICTSD, is the moderator.