G20 Hangzhou Summit: Proposals for Trade, Investment, and Sustainable Development Outcomes

Date period
28 July 2016
Leaders from the Group of Twenty (G20) major economies will gather in Hangzhou, China in September 2016 to address a range of shared governance priorities. This year’s Chinese presidency has identified trade and investment as a key priority for the 2016 summit, interconnected to and supportive of three other focus areas including growth, economic and financial governance, and inclusive and interconnected development. The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) has provided inputs into the G20’s consultative process around trade and investment in order to generate ideas for its work in the mid and long term.
Successive G20 leaders’ communiqués have recognised the importance of trade and investment in driving economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development. The G20 has also affirmed the need to work to ensure that trade agreements whether bilateral, regional, and plurilateral contribute to a stronger multilateral trading system. 
This volume brings together a series of short papers by leading experts and practitioners that evaluate future contributions the G20 could make to global governance in trade and investment. The pieces variously focus on how the G20 might continue to work towards strengthening and ensuring coherence between the WTO and the wider international trading system, boost global growth, refine investment rules, respond to different views on the speed and nature of economic integration, and foster inclusive global value chains that offer viable development paths, all underpinned by a commitment to sustainable development as a guiding compass for global  economic governance and the trading system.