Foresight into the Future of WIPO’s Development Agenda

18 March 2010 to 20 March 2010
Route de Promenthoux, 1197 Prangins, Nyon, Vaud, Switzerland

The EDGE Network on the Emerging Global Dynamic Economies, the  International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), and IQsensato are organizing a workshop entitled "Foresight into the Future of WIPO’s Development Agenda" which will take place at La Barcarolle, Prangins, Switzerland (March 18-20).

This workshop will bring together a number of delegates, experts, representatives of international organizations and civil society to discuss, in an informal setting, the challenges facing the implementation of the WIPO Development Agenda.

The objectives of the workshop are the following:

· Determine and evaluate progress implementing the Development Agenda since the adoption of recommendations in 2007.

· Construct and analyze various scenarios related to the possible futures of the Development Agenda, and back-cast to determine appropriate strategic courses of action.

· Establish the groundwork to publish a series of policy-oriented research papers exploring the possible futures of the Development Agenda, and proactive strategies for achieving positive results.

· Scope and discuss options for funding and executing a sustainable second phase of the EDGE Network and its partners’ research project focused on monitoring and aiding implementation of the Development Agenda.