Global IP Negotiations: Between Theory and Practice: Informal Lunchtime Dialogue

6 July 2010


Recent years have witnessed a proliferation of fora dealing with IP issues. From food security to climate change and access to medicines, IP has become a cross cutting issue with important public policy implications. As a result global IP negotiations have significantly gained in complexity. Countries, particularly developing ones, are faced with numerous challenges such as coalition building, articulating coherent national positions to address complex issues and coordinating these positions across different fora. How do countries achieve this? What are the practical difficulties facing country negotiators in global IP negotiations?
On the other hand, academics and experts play and can play an important role in providing empirical research and inputs to better inform global IP negotiations. From the debate on patents and public health to the WIPO Development Agenda, contributions by leading IP academics have played an important role in advancing international discussions on these issues. In this context, how can IP teachers, particularly from developing countries,  contribute towards addressing the most salient issues and challenges facing global IP negotiations and the achievement of more balanced and development friendly global IP system?
These are some of the questions that are to be raised in this dialogue which brings together a group of IP teachers, mainly  from developing countries, with a group of Geneva based IP negotiators.  


12h15    Welcome Remarks and Introduction, Pedro Roffe - Senior Fellow, ICTSD
12h20    Dynamics of IP negotiations in Geneva                
Mohamed Gad- Permanent Mission of Egypt 

12h35    Coordination and Coherence in Global IP Negotiations 

a) The experience of the European Union

           Sergio Balibrea – EU Delegation     
b) The experience of Brazil

            Jose Estanislau do Amaral – Permanent Mission of Brazil
13h00   Challenges facing Small Size Delegations in Global IP negotiations    
Makiese kinkela Augusto – Permanent Mission of Angola

Edouard Bizumuremyi – Permanent Mission of Rwanda

13h15    Open Discussion and Exchange of Views

13h40    Concluding Remarks - Ahmed Abdel Latif, IP Programme Manager- ICTSD