Specialised IP Courts at WIPO ACE 11

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6 September 2016
Geneva, Switzerland

On 6 September, Professor Jacques De Werra presented his contribution to the second CEIPI-ICTSD issue paper on “Specialised Intellectual Property Courts – Issues and Challenges” at the 11th WIPO Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE).


De Werra, vice-rector and professor of intellectual property and contract law at the University of Geneva, presented his contribution to the second issue of the joint publication series on “Global Perspectives and Challenges for the Intellectual Property System” at ACE 11. He addressed the advantages and disadvantages of relying on specialised intellectual property courts, arguing that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, given the role that other factors may play in the outcome. These factors can include, for example, differences in legal or economic systems at the national level. His presentation covered what it means for an IP system to be “balanced, holistic and effective”.

De Werra’s contribution set the tone for subsequent presentations of country-specific examples, including those from England, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, and Thailand.

The ACE was established in 2002 by WIPO’s General Assemblies, with the mandate to carry out technical assistance and coordination in the field of IP enforcement. The committee’s work does not include norm-setting.